Howdunnit: Forensics: A Guide For Writers

                  Table of Contents


Part I:            The Forensics System

                        Ch 1-History and General Considerations

                        Ch 2-Evidence


Part II:            The Coroner and the Body
                        Ch 3-The Autopsy

                        Ch 4-Identifying the Body

                        Ch 5-Time of Death

                        Ch 6-Cause, Mechanism, and Manner of Death

                        Ch 7-Bodily Harm

                        Ch 8-Asphyxia

                        Ch 9-Serology

                        Ch 10-DNA

                        Ch 11-Toxicology


Part III: The Crime Scene and the Crime Lab

                        Ch 12-Fingerprints

                        Ch 13-Blood Stains

                        Ch 14-Impressions: Shoes, Tires, and Tools

                        Ch 15-Trace Evidence

                        Ch 16-Firearm Examination

                        Ch 17-Arson Investigation

                        Ch 18-Questioned Documents

                        Ch 19-Criminal Psychology


A Few Final Words

Appendix A: Forensic Science Tools

Appendix B: Forensic Science Timeline