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Dub Walker #1

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Doug Lyle writes what he knows - and what he knows is terrific. Dub Walker is a keeper—Lee Child, Best-seeling Author of the Jack Reacher Series

STRESS FRACTURE is a cunning, imaginative thriller that will keep you up reading as I did, riveted from first page to last. There is tension and great medicine on every page of this finely written tale. D.P. Lyle, himself a physician, has crafted a story of utter fear. Brian Kurtz is one of the most electrifying madmen I have encountered. STRESS FRACTURE raises the bar for medical thrillers—Michael Palmer, NY Times Bestselling Author of THE LAST SURGEON

Cutting-edge forensics and a whip-cracking pace make STRESS FRACTURE a one-sitting read. If you love CSI, this is the book for you---Tess Gerritsen, NYT-bestselling author of THE KEEPSAKE

D.P. Lyle's STRESS FRACTURE is just what I love in a book: lightning paced, brutally executed, dynamic characters, and a story that grips you by the throat.  If Michael Crichton had written an episode of Law and Order, here might be the result. Simply brilliant!---James Rollins, New York Times bestseller of THE DOOMSDAY KEY

D.P. Lyle’s Stress Fracture is an intense, nail-biting adventure. The author’s knowledgeable voice adds a fear factor that can’t easily be found. A wonderful, thrilling read, an excellent work of fiction—and more!—Heather Graham, NY Times best-selling author


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Sheriff Mike Savage becomes the victim of a gruesome murder; His friend, Dub Walker, the forensic expert, is tracking down this serial killer. Having witnessed the victims of rape, torture, and mutilation, Dub thought he was unflappable.

The killer alternates between wildly different personalities fueled by PTSD: cold, and calculating to frenzied out of control. The killer frustratingly outmaneuvers Dub as Dub uncovers a conspiracy of greed and corruption with ties to both the military establishment and the medical community.

A high octane thriller that keeps you in the edge of your seat with your teeth gritting from page one until the end. Lyle’s laser-sharp forensic medical focus propel you through this story like a high-speed projectile! Do yourself a favor and grab this now! I highly recommend both this author and this story!

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