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We all know Lyle’s erudition and expertise - but who knew he was this funny?--Lee Child, NY Times Best Selling Author

Corruption, vendettas, cartel killers, oh my!  Deep Six puts the fun back into late night reading with this fast-paced romp through murder and mayhem.  Prepare to flip the pages--Lisa Gardner, NY Times Best-selling Author

I hate D.P. Lyle. He’s already the smartest, most generous, hardest working son of a bitch I know. Now, with Deep Six, he’s also one of the finest writers. His wistfully dogged, romance-challenged, wisecracking hero Jake Longly calls to mind James Crumley’s C.W. Sughrue, and I can’t think of higher praise. The story is paced like a lightning strike aimed directly at the human heart. How the hell does he do that? Read this smart, wickedly funny, extraordinary book. Then you can hate the author as much as I do--David Corbett, Bestselling Author

D.P. Lyle returns in superb form in Deep Six. Smart, wickedly funny, expertly constructed and deftly executed, Lyle is at the top of his game as he takes his readers on a romp on the Gulf Coast that goes down as smoothly as a cold beer on a hot day at a bar next to the beach. Jake Longly is a character worth rooting for, and Lyle's fans will be cheering for an encore. Find a comfortable chair and plan to stay up late to enjoy the ride. Highly recommended--Sheldon Siegel. NY Times Best Selling Author of the Mike Daley/Rosie Fernandez novels.

In Deep Six, gifted storyteller D.P. Lyle has crafted yet another winner.  A comedic thriller that weaves through the Gulf Coast with wild abandon.  This book has it all, memorable characters, a stunning plot, and as always, Lyle's impeccable sense of place. Bravo!--Philip Donlay, best-selling author of the Donovan Nash series

Readers will love Jake Longley – ex-big league ballplayer, beach bar owner and reluctant PI, and the sharply defined ensemble of characters in Deep Six is just as outstanding. Page turning action and knock out dialogue from a master craftsman and story teller. I devoured this one!--Robert Dugoni, #1 Amazon and New York Times Best Selling Author of My Sister’s Grave 

D P Lyle’s latest thriller, DEEP SIX, is the first in a new series and already I’m looking forward to the next installment.  Set in Florida’s sultry west coast and peppered with quirky yet expertly-drawn characters, DEEP SIX is a fast-paced thrill ride that’s laugh-out-loud funny interspersed with white-knuckle suspense.  Readers of Nelson DeMille’s John Corey series will love Jake Longley.  D P Lyle’s latest, DEEP SIX, has it all:  white-knuckle suspense, humor, and a wise-cracking hero that makes for a fun and thoroughly entertaining read--Linda Castillo best-selling author of the Kate Burkholder series

A true page turner, smart and stylish, with crisp prose and a cast of colorful characters who show both humor and grit. Twists and turns a plenty, Deep Six is a terrific read!--Daniel Palmer, author of Delirious, Helpless, Stolen, and Desperate

Kudos to D.P. Lyle for the fastball pitch of a new series. Jake Longly, retired Major Leaguer and reluctant P.I., is a new voice in the thriller scene. With sharp dialogue and remarkable characters, Deep Six is something Elmore Leonard would be proud of--Terri Nolan, author of the award nominated Birdie Keane series.

Booklist Review: Lyle debuts a new series starring Jake Longly, former baseball player, now reluctant PI working for his father. Assigned to watch a wealthy woman believed to be having an affair, he quickly learns that her paramour is Jake’s own ex-wife’s new husband. Then the woman is murdered, and Jake, who has a mouth that speaks before his brain has time to think, finds himself in deep trouble. Readers who enjoy smart- mouthed PIs like Robert Crais’ Elvis Cole will want to watch this series develop--Jeff Ayers 


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Murder is never as simple as the motive. There are too many loose ends, and when Dub Walker uses his expert knowledge of forensics and criminal behavior to solve the crime, you'd better be ready to RUN TO GROUND. Doug Lyle takes fear and revenge, adds a bucket of greed, and gives us a wild ride to the finish!---David Morrell, NY Times Bestselling Author of FIRST BLOOD

A first-rate thriller! RUN TO GROUND delivers the goods: great characters, fine investigative details and the kind of nail-biting action that leaves you rapidly flipping the pages, breathless to discover what will happen next!---Lisa Gardner, NY Times Bestselling Author of the Detective D.D. Warren thriller series

RUN TO GROUND boasts an intriguing premise, memorable and engaging characters, and the kind of technical gems that make Doug Lyle’s non-fiction forensics books such essential reading. Crisp, page-turning prose, nicely witty banter, and some genuine surprises. Highly recommended---Zoë Sharp, author of the best-selling Charlie Fox crime thriller series

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Hippocratic oath meets hypocritical practice in D. P. Lyle’s exciting new book, HOT LIGHTS, COLD STEEL.  Dub Walker, med school dropout and forensic criminologist, follows a trail of discarded bodies in this engrossing tale of medicine and murder, told in a witty tongue-in-cheek style that humors as it horrifies. A renowned physician himself, Lyle is a master of the medical thriller. Your prescription is simple, and highly enjoyable: Read this book---Gayle Lynds, New York Times bestselling author of THE BOOK OF SPIES

With HOT LIGHTS, COLD STEEL Doug Lyle has written the ultimate serial killer novel. Think Silence of the Lambs on steroids with a fiendishly brutal villain every bit the equal of Hannibal Lecter fashioned in the polished touch of Jeffrey Deaver's Lincoln Rhyme novels. Accurate to a T and utterly bone-chilling, this is everything a thriller should be and more---Jon Land, bestselling author of STRONG JUSTICE

With enough cool guys, bad guys and good guys for two novels, Hot Lights, Cold Steel is a great thrill ride. Doug Lyle keeps you guessing on who to root for and how a sinister plot is all going to end. A terrific story by a gifted writer. One of the best thrillers I’ve read this year---Robert Dugoni, New Your Times Bestselling Author of MURDER ONE

Dub Walker is tough, funny, and smart, the perfect hero for the nail-biting intensity of Hot Lights, Cold Steel. If this one doesn't make your spine tingle, have someone who's breathing check your pulse---Jan Burke Edgar-winning author of BONES, THE MESSENGER, and DISTURBANCE

A gritty and grisly tale of serial murder, told in the edgy style of classic noir but powered with a 21st century plot. Dr. Doug Lyle delivers a scalpel-sharp thriller---PJ Parrish, New York Times bestselling author of THE KILLING SONG.

A taut, hard-to-put-down, emotionally-satisfying thriller. Fabs of James Lee Burke and Lee Child will be pleased with Lyle's Dub Walker. Really, a damn good read!---Andy Gross, New York Times Best-Selling Author of THE BLUE ZONE and RECKLESS

If this thriller doesn’t give you goosebumps and nightmares, check your pulse.  Bone-chilling doesn’t begin to describe the horrors within. Thank heaven for Dub Walker, a tireless investigator with an ear for music and a knack for looking deep into the criminal psyche. I can sleep at night knowing he’s on the case---T. Jefferson Parker, Author of THE BORDER LORDS

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Doug Lyle writes what he knows - and what he knows is terrific. Dub Walker is a keeper—Lee Child, Best-seeling Author of the Jack Reacher Series

STRESS FRACTURE is a cunning, imaginative thriller that will keep you up reading as I did, riveted from first page to last. There is tension and great medicine on every page of this finely written tale. D.P. Lyle, himself a physician, has crafted a story of utter fear. Brian Kurtz is one of the most electrifying madmen I have encountered. STRESS FRACTURE raises the bar for medical thrillers—Michael Palmer, NY Times Bestselling Author of THE LAST SURGEON

Cutting-edge forensics and a whip-cracking pace make STRESS FRACTURE a one-sitting read. If you love CSI, this is the book for you---Tess Gerritsen, NYT-bestselling author of THE KEEPSAKE

D.P. Lyle's STRESS FRACTURE is just what I love in a book: lightning paced, brutally executed, dynamic characters, and a story that grips you by the throat.  If Michael Crichton had written an episode of Law and Order, here might be the result. Simply brilliant!---James Rollins, New York Times bestseller of THE DOOMSDAY KEY

D.P. Lyle’s Stress Fracture is an intense, nail-biting adventure. The author’s knowledgeable voice adds a fear factor that can’t easily be found. A wonderful, thrilling read, an excellent work of fiction—and more!—Heather Graham, NY Times best-selling author

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Like an ambulance racing to an accident scene, DP Lyle puts the pedal to the floor in his latest medical thriller---Linwood Barclay, New York Times bestselling author of A Tap On the Window

In ORIGINAL SIN, the third Samantha Cody thriller, DP Lyle crafts a compelling story that finds Sam once again in a snake pit of intrigue and danger. This time a literal snake pit. Like the others in this series, complex characters, unexpected plot twists, and more than a dash of humor drive the story. Not to be missed---David Morrell, New York Times bestselling author of Murder As A Fine Art

From the moment you begin reading Original Sin by D.P. Lyle, M.D., you’ll know you’re in the hands of a master of the medical thriller. Disorienting and riveting, Original Sin finds retired police officer Sam Cody embroiled in a series of puzzling homicides in which heart surgery patients turn into killers – but then, sometimes modern medicine is so high-tech it can seem almost supernatural. Bristling with rich detail and smart repartee, Original Sin is indeed an original. You don’t want to miss it---Gayle Lynds, New York Times bestselling author of The Book of Spies

When it comes to heart-stopping suspense, heart-breaking emotion, and cold-hearted terror, nobody can top DP Lyle...and this is the thriller that proves it.  When a heart surgeon operates on a snake-charming preacher, she does more than cut open his flesh with her scalpel... she reveals a dark secret and unleashes a deadly power that could kill her unless ex-cop Samantha Cody can help her get to the truth---Lee Goldberg, Edgar nominated author of the Monk mysteries and co-author with Janet Evanovich of The Chase

D.P. Lyle has given us a winner with an intricate tale involving a small town in the South, a church with a deadly secret, a troubled surgeon, and a chilling deception spanning decades.  Original Sin flows as smooth and satisfying as the finest Tennessee Whiskey---Philip Donlay, acclaimed author of the Donovan Nash series of thrillers

Retired Detective Samantha Cody returns to face her greatest challenge in D.P. Lyle’s superb new thriller, Original Sin. Cody is called upon to help her heart surgeon friend, Lucy Wagner, whose professional and personal lives turn chaotic after she operates on a snake-charming evangelist. Deftly plotted and expertly executed, Lyle is at the top of his game in a heart-pounding thriller. Sam Cody is a protagonist worth rooting for. Find a comfortable chair and plan to stay up late. Highly recommended---Sheldon Siegel. New York Times Best Selling Author of the Mike Daley/Rosie Fernandez Legal Thrillers.

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Howdunnit Forensics Cover

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It's three o'clock in the morning, you're hard at work on your mystery screenplay, and all that's missing is the essential medical clue to solve the murder... who ya gonna call? Dr. Doug Lyle is the go-to-guy for writers looking for the perfect piece of medical knowledge, filling the blanks that imagination alone simply can't. This isn't just a book of cool doctor stuff...though it certainly is that, too. Dr. Lyle understands story-telling, and the role research plays in character and the plot. If medical plot problems are what's ailing you, Dr. Lyle has the WRITE prescription--Lee Goldberg, Executive Producer, Diagnosis Murder, Martial Law, Author of My Gun Has Bullets, Beyond the Beyond, Writing For Television

Whenever I have a new Law & Order episode to write, the first person I call for help is Dr. Doug Lyle.  He has an amazing ability to explain complex forensics in simple laypersons' terms.  Also, as a novelist himself, he thinks like a writer and gives you exactly the information that a writer will need. This book is a terrific resource for crime writers---Matt Witten, executive story editor for Law & Order and author of the Jacob Burns mystery novels

Murder and Mayhem is more than a handy reference guide for writers. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys learning about the functions of the human body in an entertaining fashion. This book is at once wise, informative, funny, factually reliable, and accessible. I was fascinated to learn what makes the skin under punched eyes turn black and what it means to have the wind knocked out of you. And now, thanks to Doug Lyle, I have all the resources at my fingertips to write convincingly about more forms of murder and death than you can shake a severed cervical vertebrae at---Barbara Seranella, author of the Munch Mancini crime novels

Dr. Doug Lyle has an unerring ability to diagnose what it is writers need to know in answer to their questions about forensic medicine. With his help, crime fiction writers will be able to write more realistic scenes. His fascinating replies to questions writers have posed to him are precise and clearly stated, so that while he'll provide the medical terms you want, he'll also give the definitions you need.  Within these pages, you'll alsomfind a number of common myths dispelled.  His column has long been a favorite with the professional mystery writers in our chapter of Mystery Writers of America, and now you can benefit from them, too---Jan Burke, author of Bones, Flight, Hocus, Liar, Remember Me, Irene, and Goodnight, Irene

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Don't even think of writing a medical mystery without the wise counsel of Dr. D.P. Lyle. You will find his books as indispensable as he is to those who use medicine for malice in our fictional worlds. Whenever I need to kill someone using medical means -- fictionally of course -- I turn to Dr. D.P. Lyle for advice on how to do it and ultimately, how to catch the culprit. If it wasn't for Dr. Lyle, the DIAGNOSIS MURDER books would be about a screenwriter solving crimes committed with pen and paper. When Dr. Lyle gets a call at 1 a.m., he knows it's not a medical emergency. It's a writer calling with a critical plot problem that needs immediate factual attention or a promising murder mystery will die on the page. Dr. Lyle is the story trauma expert, saving countless books and screenplays with his medical knowledge and keen sense of storytelling. Now you don't need to wake him in the dead of night for help -- you can open his book instead---Lee Goldberg, Author of the Diagnosis Murder and Monk novels

FORENSICS AND FICTION is a terrific resource for crime writers and anyone interested in forensics. Reading it will jumpstart your imagination about all kinds of ingenious crimes, crime-solving techniques, and plot twists---Matt Witten, supervising producer, Fox TV show HOUSE.

Whether we're trying to throttle, poison, or throw a character off a cliff, Dr. Lyle is every crime-fiction author's best friend. His advice is concise and easy to understand. Because he writes the stuff himself, he can suggest nefarious possibilities and point out the "wiggle-room" needed to conjure surprising and believable plot twists. This book is as essential to my library as my Strunk and White---Hallie Ephron - Author of Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel: How to Knock 'Em Dead with Style (Writers Digest Books)

Brains and guts! FORENSICS AND FICTION picks up with more hardcore information on the evil that men (and women) do. D.P. Lyle answers all the medical questions that diabolical authors can throw at him, with wit, erudition, and a unique understanding of what writers need to tell their stories. Genius---Harley Jane Kozak, Agatha, Anthony, and Macavity-award winning author

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D.P. Lyle is the best resource I know for a crime or mystery author. He’s authoritative, clear, and extremely generous with his time. MORE FORENSICS AND FICTION makes for fascinating--and terrifically morbid—reading---C.J. Box, New York Times Bestselling Author of FORCE OF NATURE

MORE FORENSICS AND FICTION is....a gold mine.  A must-own reference book for writers of all stripes---Bestselling Author, Grant Blackwood

The must have reference book for crime writers or anyone interested in forensics. Not only indispensable but fascinating, creepy, gruesome and absorbing. Dr. D. P. Lyle has written another treasure---International Bestseller, M.J. Rose

What a fun book! Reading MORE FORENSICS AND FICTION will open your mind to all kinds of new story possibilities. The authors ask all kinds of odd, intriguing questions, and Doug Lyle answers them all in an entertaining, easily accessible way.  More Forensics and Fiction is a celebration of the creative spirit---Matt Witten, screenwriter for House, CSI: Miami, and The Glades

Nothing ruins a good read like inaccuracies, especially of the CSI type. MORE FORENSICS AND FICTION, along with the rest of Doug Lyle’s medical and forensic Q&A series, should be required reading for all crime writers – they are factually detailed, wonderfully gruesome, and spot-on accurate! Read this book if you want to get away with murder . . . on the page---Twist Phelan, Thriller Award-winning author 

Another delightful collection of diabolical insight, not only into the physical consequences of various kinds of bodily assault, but also into the macabre minds of crime writers and the writing process.  It is impressive how Dr Lyle can answer these questions with a straight face--and without contacting the police---Laurie R. King, Edgar Award winning author of GOD OF THE HIVE and PIRATE KING

What's more fun than reading a novel by one of your favorite mystery writers? Finding out how their minds work. Between curiously morbid questions (as they come up with intriguing ways to kill off characters and allow investigators to solve crimes) and the always interesting answers by D. P. Lyle, M.D., you have one fascinating book. I was intrigued from the first page to the last---Robin Burcell, award-winning author, The Bone Chamber

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Includes the essay “Mysterious Island by Jules Verne” by DP Lyle

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Includes the short story “Even Steven” by DP Lyle

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