2-4-17: Vintage Computer Games, Missing Aircraft, and an Amazing Forensic Resource: An Interview with Douglas White of the National Institute of Standards and Technology's National Software Reference Library (NSRL)

1-7-17: Car Crashes and "Crime Hot Spots”—-Studying Patterns To Prevent Crime

12-3-16: NAMUS: Naming The Unidentified, Finding The Missing: An Interview With J. Todd Matthews

11-12-16: Should We Abandon Use of Lie Detector Tests As Junk Science? An Interview With Morton Tavel, M.D.

10-1-16: Meet Iris, the FBI’s Only Electronic-sniffing Dog: An Interview with Jeffrey Calandra

9-10-16: Crime Scenes, Criminalistics, and the Cutting Edge in Los Angeles: An Interview with Former LASD Criminalist Professor Donald Johnson of California State University, Los Angeles

8-13-16: The BTK Killer and Other Serial Murderers: An Interview with Psychologist and Author Dr. Katherine Ramsland

6-4-16: Forensic Science Then and Now: an Interview with Jay Jarvis

5-7-16: Personal Violence: Sex and Domestic Crimes: An Interview with Former Federal Prosecutor and Author Alison Leotta

4-23-16: Things That Go Boom in the Night: An Interview with Weapons and Explosives Expert and Author John Gilstrap

4-9-16: Building a Better Law Enforcement: An Interview with Chief Scott LaChasse, Burbank Police Department

3-26-16: Research, Education, and the Future of Forensic Science: an Interview with Dr. Katherine A. Roberts, Director of the CSULA Graduate Program in Criminalistics

2-27-16 and 3-12-16: Follow the Money: Catching Cheaters, Frauds and Con Artists — An Interview with Securities Fraud Investigator Richard B. York
Parts 1 and 2

2-13-16: Crime and Science in the OC: an Interview with Bruce Houlihan, Director of the Orange County Crime Lab

1-30-16: Crime and Science Radio: Working Stiff: An Interview with Forensic Pathologist Judy Melinek and co-author/husband TJ Mitchell

1-16-16: Tracking Down the Bad Guys: A Conversation with Retired US Marshal and Novelist Marc Cameron

12-19-15: Men of Valor: An Interview with Author and Weapons Expert John F. Mullins, Major U.S. Army Special Forces (Ret.)

12-5-15: Bones Tell The Tale: An Interview With Forensic Anthropologist and Best-selling Author Kathy Reichs

11-21-15: Identifying The Dead, Finding The Missing: An Interview With Todd Matthews of NamUs

11-7-15: Lie Catchers: Paul Bishop Returns

10-10-15 and 10-24-15: Biotechnology and WMDs: An Interview with the FBI’s Betsy Glick and Edward You, and Biotech Futurist Andrew Hessel, Parts 1 and 2

9-26-15: Turning the Tables; Emmy-Winning Investigative Reporter Hank Phillippi Ryan interrogates DP Lyle, MD

9-12-15: Turning the Tables; Emmy-Winning Investigative Reporter Hank Phillippi Ryan interrogates Jan Burke

6-20-15: My Lying Eyes: Audio-Video-Image Enhancement Expert Douglas Carner Discusses Tampered Evidence and Industry Secrets

6-6-15: The Anatomy of Innocence: An Interview with Author, Legal Scholar, and Advocate Laura Caldwell 

5-23-15: Investigating the Criminal Mind with Author Alan Jacobson

5-9-15: A Fly for the Prosecution: An Interview with Forensic Entomologist Dr. Lee Goff

4-25-15: Digging Up The Facts with Award-winning Investigative Reporter Hank Phillippi Ryan


3-28-15: Forensic Science On Trial: The Honorable Donald Shelton On Forensic Science And The Courts 

3-14-15: Spy vs Spy vs Spy: An Interview with the Queen of Espionage Gayle Lynds

2-28-14: Small Town Cop; Big Time Police Chief: An Interview with Chief Scott Silverii

2-14-15: Chasing Monsters; Running From Monsters: An Interview with Douglas Preston, Best-selling Author of The Monster Of Florence

1-31-15:  Watching the Detectives: Investigative Journalism and Forensic Science — An Interview with Douglas Starr 

1-17-15: What You Did Here Told Me Who You Are: An Interview with former FBI Criminal Profiler Mark Safarik

11-15-14: Improving Forensic Science: An Interview With Kevin Lothridge Of The NFSTC

11-1-14: What Bones Can Tell Us: An Interview with Forensic Anthropologist Marilyn London

10-18-14: Inside The Creative Mind: An Interview With Psychotherapist, Screenwriter, and Novelist Dennis Palumbo

10-4–14: Going Undercover with NYPD Detective and Fiction Writer Marco Conelli

9-20-14: From Firefights To Fiction: An Interview With Military Surgeon and Author Dr. Jeffrey Wilson

8-23–14: The Changing World of Forensic Science: An Interview With Barry A.J. Fisher, past president of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences

8-9-14: An Interview with Alafair Burke: The Criminal Justice System, Real and Imagined

7-26-14: Taking A Bite Out Of Crime: An Interview with Forensic Dentist Dr. Michael Tabor

7-12-14: The Skeleton Crew: A Conversation with Deborah Halber on the Amateurs Who Are Finding the Missing and Solving Cold Cases

6-28-14: You'll Tell Me No Lies: An Interview Paul Bishop, Interrogation Expert, Author, and Retired LAPD Detective

6-14-14: The Art and Science of Law Enforcement: An Interview with Robin Burcell  

5-31-14: Deadly Doctors, Killer Nurses and other Medical Miscreants

5-17-14: Dealing With the Dead: A Life in the Morgue: In Conversation with Dr. Cyril Wecht

5-3-14: A New Lab, A New Approach to Forensic Science: An Interview with Dr. Max M. Houck, Director of the Washington D.C. Department of Forensic Sciences

4-19-14: When Disaster Hits: Naming The Dead: An Interview With NTSB’s Paul Sledzik

3-29-14: Sex, Lies, and Crime: An Interview With Sex Crimes Expert and Best-Selling Author Linda Fairstein

3-15-14: Burning Down the House: An Interview with Fire Investigator John Lentini

3-1-14: Working the Crime Scene: An Interview With Forensic Specialist Lisa Black

2-15-14: FBI Special Agents: What Do These Guys Do?: And Interview with George Fong, FBI Retired

2-1-14: Inside the Los Angeles Regional Crime Lab: An Interview with Dean Gialamas

1-18-14: The Body Tells the Tale: DP Lyle and Jan Burke Interview Dr. Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson

1-4-13: Dr. Katherine Ramsland Interview: The Devil’s Dozen: What Makes the Bad Guys Tick?

12-14-13: Money is the Root: Investigating Financial Crimes - Jan Burke Interviews Andrea Jacobsen of the Alaska State Troopers

11-30-13: Private Investigators: Who Are These Guys?

11-16-13:What the Dog Knows: The Science and Wonder of Working Dogs: An Interview with Cat Warren

11-2-13: The Infancy of Toxicology: Interview with Deborah Blum, Author of The Poisoner's Handbook

10-19-13: Judging Science: Evidence and Courts

10-5-13: Drugs, Poisons, Toxins, and Death with DP Lyle, MD

9-21-13: The Science of Sherlock Holmes: Jan Burke and Leslie Klinger

9-7-13: Hollywood Storytelling: Science Fact or Make Believe?

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