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Book Review: North Of Nowhere by Allison Brennan

What makes a great thriller? Action, suspense, engaging characters, a convoluted plot, and a compelling setting like the Montana mountains with an approaching blizzard. NORTH OF NOWHERE has all that and more. Kristen McIntyre and her deaf younger brother Ryan, survive a small plane crash as they run from their organized crime father Boyd. After five years of living safely under the protection of the man sworn to keep them their father, Boyd has tracked them down and sent his henchmen to kidnap his children and dispatch their protector. Their escape plane crashes after suffering damage in a runway shootout. The children’s aunt, Ruby, learns of the crash and heads to Montana. Long estranged from her criminal family, Ruby is ex-military tough and committed to protecting Kristen and Ryan. Rancher Nick Lorenzo, who knows the mountains better than anyone, also learns of the crash and jumps in to help find the children. But why are the children running from their father? Who are the good guys and who wishes harm? What follows is the stuff of thrillers. An excellent story, well told.

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