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Book Review: The Girl in the Eagle’s Talons by Karin Smirnoff

The small Swedish town of Gasskas is under pressure. A consortium plans a forest of wind turbines, a direct conflict with the pristine beauty of the surrounding mountains and its needed tourism. Michael Blomkvist, alienated by Millennium magazine going totally digital, arrives for his daughter’s marriage. The groom, a city manager, has a dark past and perhaps a darker future, which strains the father-daughter relationship even further. Added pressure comes from the kidnapping of her son, Blomkvist’s grandson. Lisbeth Salander, despite her reluctance, has been named caretaker of her gifted teenage niece, and arrives in the town to discover that the 13-year-old might be in danger. The mounting tension threatens the town, strains damaged relationships, and ultimately explodes into violence. An excellent addition to this remarkable series.

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