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CULTURED, Jake Longly #6, Coming May 2, 2023

CULTURED, the next Jake Longly comedic thriller, is coming May 2, 2023 from Oceanview Publishing and Kimberley Cameron & Associates. Join Jake, Nicole, Ray, and of course Pancake for their next adventure. It’s a fun ride into a world where money, power, sex, and greed create a toxic soup.

“Ray wants you to join a cult.”

So it begins. Jake Longly is yet again dragged into a private investigation he wants no part of. This time into the world of the very rich and decadent. Self-help and financial guru Jonathon Lindemann has built an empire, and a rustic, yet posh, retreat in rural Magnolia Springs, Alabama. As creator of The Lindemann Method, he is the golden goose for his investors and the Svengali to the many young and beautiful women who work for him. Money, power, sex, what could possibly go awry?

When April Wilkerson goes missing from the grounds of Lindemann Farms, Ray dispatches Jake and Nicole to worm their way inside the organization and attempt to learn where the young lady might have gone. Did she simply move on to a better life with some high-roller, or perhaps flee the shadow of her overbearing mother, or has something more sinister happened? To solve the mystery, Jake and Nicole must adopt the roles of prospective members and cozy up to Jonathon and his sidekick, Rhea Wilson. At first, both appear to be benevolent and generous mentors, but as the layers peel away, darker edges appear. Does Jonathon truly make money for his investors, or is he a scam artist? Is April merely the latest in a series of missing young women?

To answer these questions, Jake must enter to one place he hates to be—-Ray’s world.


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