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Just Reviews Loves CULTURED

At the heart of this novel is the definition of this word Cultured. People that are considered well-educated, impeccable manners, knows a lot about the arts and financially successful fit the definition of this word. Within this novel you will meet several who on the exterior seem to meet the criteria for this word. Would you pay 120000 dollars for a membership ? Many did! Sixty to join and 60 thousand for the man who runs the TLM farms to teach you self- help and investment strategies. He takes the 60 thousand and uses it to invest in businesses, stocks, new companies and other portfolios. Jake and Nicole have been asked or shall I say hired to take a tour of Linderman Farms, meet Jonathan the founder and owner, Rhea Wilson the Executive Vice President and learn more about the process involved, how he teaches self-help and recruits the young, beautiful and perfect to become part of his staff. But, as you get to know the young girls who realize there is much more hidden about their roles.

Nicole and Jake decided to connect with Rhea and Jonathan using his nagging and self-absorbed ex-wife Tammy as their connection. They pretended to be fascinated with the self-help and financial programs when they were invited to the farm, met Rachel. and Lorie and realized that there was much more to what these girls were getting paid for. Stephanie Deluca went her husband through TLM and her praise for TLM was huge. Using two specific sights on the internet to help recruit their staff and the girls we learn more about Lindermann the founder and the creator or TLM, the Lindermann Method. Rhea is executive VP, and they work so to speak to help people improve their well-being. Happiness, success, and life stability are their goals. They also help them to become financially secure. Or in many cases more so. Their members are quite successful, like business, entrepreneur type and more. Meeting Sara and Shane two sisters invited to work there and part of their staff we become more concerned about the real reason that Nicole and Jake are there. They are trying to find April Wilkerson whose mother reported that she has not hear from her in weeks and that is odd.

Meeting Lorie and Rachel was enlightening but as the delve into the inner core of this place, the retreats and getting to know the members they realize that these girls are more than just helping with recruiting, marketing and taking care of the guests. They are there to do whatever the male guests require and as we finally meet April the harsh realization of where she is, was and must be is terrifying. Lindermann Farms is in Magnolia Springs and anyone that envisions what the author has created would be tempted to join, give Jonathan money to invest and hope you reap the benefits and more. Networking and more. Stephanie DeLuca hit the jackpot but what about April? Where is she will shock you to the core and why even more. Robin worked with Lorie and shared a room, but when you learn more about them and talking about how they were found, where Rhea learned about them you begin to understand when Lorie finally comes to Jake’s bar after spending the weekend at the farms they call Pancake to investigate and search for information about each of the men that both Robin and Lorie hooked up with and where April might be. Who is Andrew Heche and why were so many girls partying on his yacht? The answer is frightening.

Meet Peter the bartender at the farms who went to Captain Rocky’s Jakes bar and knows his background and Nicole’s too. Treading carefully with his questions and hoping to learn more about his job and the members we meet Gordon who is attached to one of the girls and Will the other girl and the benefits have nothing to do with self-help or investing. Not in the true sense of the words. As you listen to the conversation you begin to wonder if TLM was a dating service and prostitution ring and much more.

Author DP Lyle takes readers inside the world of the rich, cultured and those that pay dearly and heavily to satisfy their urges in many ways at the expense of young and naïve girls hoping to find Mr. Right, get paid thousands for their efforts only to learn at the end before they even dare to leave what happens when you belong to TLM. April has been taken and where she is and why is terrifying and you wonder how many other girls including Mia have gone missing. What is Jonathan’s main purpose and goals, and Rhea is part of this sinister horrific plot to sell the girls or force them into bondage with a man named Victor who is abusive, dangerous and has a heavy hand. With Pancake and Ray delving into TLM, Andrew Heche, Gordon Buchanan, Victor Mendoza and learning that Lindermann video taped all the girls, things get pretty upsetting and the thought that their parents or families might see it, made Pancake work harder to get hold of the discs and hopefully delete or destroy them. April is the catalyst that helped bring them all down by jumping overboard from the yacht, walking into the PD and telling her story, the rest would unravel slowly but would they rescue 11 more girls and how many more were out there? Rhea Wilson never saw them coming and in the end would she sell out Jonathan? What about April’s mother would she realize she was an adult and can handle her own finances and live her own life? The ending was filled with tension as the FBI had to carefully and methodically get all the plays arrested and make sure that they could not use their money for bail. Lives will forever be changed. What happens at the end will endure you to Pancake even more. And in the end just who of all these players fits the meaning of CULTURED?

Money laundering, sex trafficking, investing but not how you think, profits made and secret accounts and 200000 dollars per girl given to those that wanted them. The U.S. government has no jurisdiction over the case but even though foreign countries were involved, a man named Hector ran the sex trafficking ring the ending will shock you and the final count of those taken out and those saved not tallied just yet. Some endings are beginnings and others will take time as author DP Lyle once again takes Jake, Nicole and Pancake with Ray into the darkest and dangerous places: Money, Power, GREED, Self-worth and the need to just prove they can.

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