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A Doctor Answers Medical and Forensic Questions for Mystery Writers

Q&A Series #1

Whenever I have a new Law & Order episode to write, the first person I call for help is Dr. Doug Lyle.  He has an amazing ability to explain complex forensics in simple layperson's terms.  Also, as a novelist himself, he thinks like a writer and gives you exactly the information that a writer will need. This book is a terrific resource for crime writers.--MATT WITTEN, executive story editor for Law & Order

It's three o'clock in the morning, you're hard at work on your mystery screenplay, and all that's missing is the essential medical clue to solve the murder... who ya gonna call? Dr. Doug Lyle is the go-to guy for writers looking for the perfect piece of medical knowledge, filling the blanks that imagination alone simply can't. This isn't just a book of cool doctor stuff...though it certainly is that, too. Dr. Lyle understands story-telling, and the role research plays in character and the plot. If medical plot problems are what's ailing you, Dr. Lyle has the WRITE prescription.--LEE GOLDBERG
Executive Producer, Diagnosis Murder, Martial Law




Clever, Intriguing, and Downright Odd Questions From Crime Writers

Q&A Series #2

MURDER AND MAYHEM 2 is a terrific resource for crime writers and anyone interested in forensics. Reading it will jumpstart your imagination about all kinds of ingenious crimes, crime-solving techniques, and plot twists.--MATT WITTEN, supervising producer, Fox TV show HOUSE.

Brains and guts! Murder and Mayhem 2 picks up with more hardcore information on the evil that men (and women) do. D.P. Lyle answers all the medical questions that diabolical authors can throw at him, with wit, erudition, and a unique understanding of what writers need to tell their stories. Genius.--HARLEY JANE KOZAK, Agatha, Anthony, and Macavity-award-winning author

Dr. Doug Lyle has done it again. In Murder and Mayhem II, he gives us a detailed, entertaining, and highly accessible compendium of dire scenarios. A must-read for thriller writers who want to get their facts right, but also a book for anyone interested in how the human body works and doesn't work.--- BARBARA SERANELLA, Creator of the Munch Mancini Series.



Crime Writers' Morbidly Curious Questions Expertly Answered

Q&A Series #3

Nomination, EDGAR AWARD 2013, Best Fact Crime
Nomination, AGATHA AWARD 2013, Best Non-fiction
Nomination, ANTHONY AWARD 2013, Best Critical/Non-fiction

D. P. Lyle is the best resource I know for a crime or mystery author. He’s authoritative, clear, and extremely generous with his time. MORE FORENSICS AND FICTION makes for fascinating— and terrifically morbid—reading.—C.J. BOX, New York Times Bestselling Author

MORE FORENSICS AND FICTION is . . . a gold mine. A must-

own reference book for writers of all stripes.--GRANT BLACKWOOD, New York Times Bestselling Author

Another delightful collection of diabolical insight, not only into

the physical consequences of various kinds of bodily assault but

also into the macabre minds of crime writers and the writing

process. It is impressive how Dr. Lyle can answer these questions

with a straight face—and without contacting the police.” —LAURIE R. KING, Edgar Award Winning and New York Times

Bestselling Author

What a fun book! Reading MORE FORENSICS AND FICTION will open your mind to all kinds of new story possibilities. MORE

FORENSICS AND FICTION is a celebration of the creative spirit.—MATT WITTEN, Screenwriter for House, CSI: Miami, and The Glades

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