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What is Outliers? What does it do?


We are a group of best-selling. award-winning authors who give back to the writing community by offering our knowledge and experience through various learning opportunities. Our goal is to teach the craft of writing and storytelling to those who have a story to tell but don’t know where or how to begin, as well as those who already write but wish to improve their skills. 


Do you have a non-fiction project in mind? Our team can help with the organization and writing of your manuscript with an eye toward adding storytelling elements to your work.


Our events and programs are online so that we bring writing conferences and instruction directly into your home. Our instructors include experienced authors, experts in various fields, and professionals with knowledge to share.


We offer seminars/classes on various topics of interest to writers, both fiction and non-fiction, such as craft, research, inspiration, everything. Some of our events are brief, a couple of hours, others are a full day, while others will span multiple sessions, even the entire year in an ongoing school.  


As working writers, we know the hard work required to create a publishable story or work of non-fiction. Each of us has been there. Each of us received help from other instructors and writers. That’s the way this community works. 


OUTLIERS is continuing that process in a unique and convenient way.

Our goal is to establish an online writer’s community where we can exchange ideas and offer classes to help writers of all levels. Part of this is the creation of the online Outliers Writers University. Right now, conferences are episodic, last a few days, and then nothing until the next year. The good feelings and motivation from the event quickly wane, leaving the writer staring at that blinking cursor. And with travel, hotels, and registration conferences are expensive. We want to change that paradigm by offering a continuing array of ongoing classes and seminars in a convenient and cost-effective at-home fashion. We feel that this will keep writers motivated throughout the year and not just that week or two after a conventional conference.


Kathleen Antrim and DP Lyle, co-creators



A school for writers and those who wish to pursue a writing career

Classes taught by best-selling, working writers

The Outliers Online Ongoing Writers Conference

Two classes per month, every month

Taught by Best-Selling Authors

Outliers Intensives

Sessions that more deeply explore all things writing




An interview series where we get to know authors and other thought leaders

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: The Art & Science of Crime Fiction

Hosted by DP Lyle offers programs on the art and science of crime fiction and interviews with experts in the forensic science and law enforcement fields


A series of free interactive discussions on everything books and writing


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