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                                   Kimberley Cameron & Associates



Do you need help with your story? Maybe some medical or forensic science issues. Maybe plotting or character development or realistic dialog advice and guidance. Your needs might require only a few simple questions or perhaps a review of manuscript pages to evaluate them for correctness and flow. 


My services provide assistance with characterization, setting, plot points, dialog, and/or a better understanding of the science behind your story. Your needs might be only a handful of questions or they might require major evaluations of scientific issues, plot, character, setting, and storytelling.

Perhaps your character is a health professional or works in the medical or forensic science environment, or perhaps you have scenes that deal with medical or forensic issues and you need a better understanding of the inner workings and “feel” of these arenas. 

Maybe your character suffers an illness or injury that plays a major, and recurring, role in your story and you need to know what such an illness/injury looks and feels like, how it is diagnosed and treated, and your realistic options for recovery and rehab.

Or your story might have few, or no, medical or forensic science issues but you need help contriving a believable plot line, creating engaging multidimensional characters, developing credible motives for action and reaction, establishing a realistic setting, or crafting valid dialog that rings true, move the story forward, and ramps up the suspense.

Whether you’re struggling with plot, character, dialog, setting, storytelling or scientific issues, we can work together to improve your writing and bring the needed verisimilitude to your story. 


1—Send me an email letting me know the scope of your project and what help you might need. The more detail you provide, the better I can assess your needs.

2—I will evaluate the information and then we can discuss the scope, timeline, and fees involved before moving forward.

3—Your query must include your name, address, phone number, email address, and website URL if you have one. This information is for my use only. The reason for this is that for medical/legal reasons I must know whom I am communicating with.

4—The SUBJECT LINE of your E-mail must be in the form of QUESTION—YOUR NAME. My SPAM filter is set to recognize these types of subject lines so it won’t dump your submission. Example: QUESTION-DLyle.

5—Lastly, for Medico-Legal reasons, I DO NOT answer questions or make comments on REAL-LIFE CASES. This site is for writers of fiction only and questions and comments must be in the context of a fictional work.


My fees are $100/hour. 

I find that the best and most efficient way to accomplish your goals is to arrange a phone conversation. After you submit all the material agreed upon, I will review it and prep my responses and advice, and then we can set up a phone conversation to have a dialog. Using only email takes more time (and thus a higher fee) and requires more back and forth whereas a conversation does that more efficiently and also allows for more flexibility in the pathways the conversation might wander down. Such is the nature of storytelling.

I have found that even complex issues can be covered in 2 hours or less.


1---The reason you must submit your name and address is so I will know who you are. This site and everything in it is for use by writers only and never for any nefarious activities. 

2----All submitted questions and comments become the property of D. P. Lyle, MD, and may be used in books, newsletters, online, or for any other purpose at the sole discretion of D. P. Lyle, MD. In exchange, you may use my answers and comments in any fashion you deem appropriate.

Thanks for submitting!

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