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DP Lyle Bio

DP Lyle, MD is the Amazon #1 Bestselling; Macavity and Benjamin Franklin Silver Award winning; and Edgar (2), Shamus, Agatha, Anthony, Scribe, USA Today Best Book Award (2), and Foreward INDIES Book of the Year nominated author of 25 books, both non-fiction and fiction, including the SAMANTHA CODY, DUB WALKER, JAKE LONGLY, and CAIN/HARPER thriller series, and the ROYAL PAINS media tie-in novels.

His forensic science books (FORENSICS FOR DUMMIES, HOWDUNNIT:FORENSICS) and his very popular Q&A Series (MURDER AND MAYHEM, FORENSICS AND FICTION, MORE FORENSICS AND FICTION) are published worldwide.


His essay on Jules Verne’s THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND appears in THRILLERS: 100 MUST READS and his short story “Even Steven” in ITW’s anthology THRILLER 3: LOVE IS MURDER. He served as Editor for the Southern California Writers Association’s short story anthology, IT’S ALL IN THE STORY as well as contributed the story “Splash.” His short story “Bottom Line” appears in the Sherlock Holmes-inspired anthology FOR THE SAKE OF THE GAME and his story “Tonic” can be found in the anthology NOTHING GOOD HAPPENS AFTER MIDNIGHT and as a re-print in BLOOD FICTION 2..

He has worked with many novelists and with the writers of popular television shows such as Law & Order, CSI: Miami, Diagnosis Murder, Monk, Judging Amy, Peacemakers, Cold Case, House, Medium, Women’s Murder Club, 1-800-Missing, The Glades, and Pretty Little Liars.

He was the creator and director of International Thriller Writers' craft school CraftFest and co-creator and director of Master CraftFest and ITW's Online Thriller School. He has taught fiction writing at numerous writing conferences as well as classes at The Learning Tree University and the UCLA Extension Writing Program.

Along with Kathleen Antrin, he is the co-creator of the Outliers Writing University

He was born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama where his childhood interests revolved around football, baseball, and building rockets in his backyard. The latter pursuit was common in Huntsville during the 1950s and ’60s due to the nearby NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center.

After leaving Huntsville, he attended college, medical school, and served an internship at the University of Alabama; followed by a residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Texas at Houston; then a Fellowship in Cardiology at The Texas Heart Institute, also in Houston. For the past 45 years, he has practiced Cardiology in Orange County, California.



Co-Creator with Kathleen Antrim of Outliers Writing University

Creator and host of the podcast series
    CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: The Art and Science of Crime Fiction

He hosts the Blog: 

Co-host along with Jan Burke of


Linked In

Library Thing


Kimberley Cameron & Associates





Bookreporter’s  2017 Favorites


Nominee, 2017 Shamus Award, Best First PI Novel Category; 

Finalist, USA TODAY BEST BOOK AWARD 2016, Thriller Category; 

Finalist, Foreward Reviews INDIES 2016 Book of the Year Award, Thriller Category; 

SUSPENSE MAGAZINE’S One of the Best for 2016


Winner, MACAVITY AWARD 2005, Best Non-Fiction
Nomination, EDGAR AWARD 2005, Best Fact Crime


Winner, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN SILVER AWARD 2013, Mystery/Suspense Category; 

Finalist, USA TODAY BEST BOOK AWARD 2012, Thriller Category


Nomination, EDGAR AWARD 2013, Best Fact Crime
Nomination, AGATHA AWARD 2013, Best Non-fiction
Nomination, ANTHONY AWARD 2013, Best Critical/Non-fiction


Nomination, SCRIBE AWARD 2011, General Fiction/Best Original Novel


Nomination, Edgar Award Nominee, Best Critical/Biographical
Nomination, Benjamin Franklin Award, Nominee
Nomination, Anthony Award Nominee, Best Critical/Non-Fiction
Nomination, Macavity Award Nominee, Best Non-Fiction


Suspense Magazine Best of 2018



International Thriller Writers:

Member (Charter Sponsor), 2004-Present
CraftFest Creator/Director, 2006—2019
Master CraftFest Co-creator/Director, 2016-2019
Thriller School Co-creator/Director, 2014-2019
Board of Directors, 2011-2019
VP for National Events, 2011-2012
VP for Education, 2012-2019
Finance Committee, 2011-13
Thriller Award Best Novel Committee, 2010
Thriller Award Best First Novel Committee, 2011

Mystery Writers of America:

Active Member-1996—Present
National, Board of Directors, 2007-2010
National, Secretary, 2009 & 2010
National Education Committee, Chairman 2007-2009
National LR Planning Committee, Member, 2008-2010
National PR Committee, Member, 2008-2009
The Third Degree Committee, Member, 2008-2009
National Nominating Committee, Chairman 2007
Edgar Best Novel Committee, 2005
Edgar Best Paperback Original Committee, 2007
Edgar Mary Higgins Clark Award Committee, 2008
Edgar Best First Novel Committee, Chair, 2012
SoCal Chapter, Board of Directors, 2006--2008

Sisters in Crime:

Member, 1996—2016
Orange County Chapter, Board of Directors, 2006–2011
Orange County Chapter, Vice-President, 2007-2008

Fictionaires of Orange County: Member- 2000-2008; Treasurer- 2001-2003


KOCE-TV, Orange County, CA: Real Orange  “Healthy OC” Segment, Co-Host, 2009-2010

DeSales University: Instructor, Masters of Criminal Justice Program, 2009-2012

American Heart Association, Orange County, CA Chapter

President, 1992-1994
Vice-President, 1991-1992
Medical Advisory Board,1998–2002
Member, Board of Directors, 1990-1995 & 2000-2001
Member, Executive Committee 1990-1995

CSI: The Experience:
In 2011, he opened and served as ribbon-cutter for 

CSI: The Experience Exhibit

at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

XXIIIrd Olympics, Los Angeles, CA (1984): Volunteer Physician, Boxing Venue

Significant Sig Award from Sigma Chi Fraternity (2015)



Westside Medical (1976): Consultant to Worley Thorne on the Premiere Episode: “The Sound of Sunlight”

LAW ORDER: (Wolf Films/Universal Studios TV)

            Consultant to Matt Witten and Aaron Zelmon:
                       "Born Again"                                    
                       "Myth of Fingerprints"
                       “Brave New World”


            Consultant to Terry Kopp:

                        “Good Cop/Bad Cop”

CSI:MIAMI: Consultant to Matt Witten, Co-Producer for “Just One Kiss”                


MONK: Consultant to Lee Goldberg for “Mr. Monk Goes To Mexico’

JUDGING AMY: Consultant to Paul Guyot for “Shock and Awe” and “Into The Fire”      


PEACEMAKERS: Consultant to Matt Whitten for “No Excuse”


1-800-MISSING Consultant to Lee Goldberg for “72 Hours To Kill”  


COLD CASE Consultant to Researcher Paul Yeuell for “The Plan”  


HOUSE Consultant to Matt Witten

WOMEN'S MURDER CLUB: Consultant to Matt Witten

MEDIUM: Consultant to Matt Witten

THE GLADES: Consultant to Matt Witten

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: Consultant to Matt Witten

PRISON MD: Consultant to Michael Robison and Avrum Jacobson



           “Murder Autopsy”                        
           “DNA Analysis”                                                            
           “Forensic Anthropology”                                    
           “Trace Evidence”                                                            
           “Looking For Remains”                                    
           “Document Examination” 
            “Audio Analysis”
            “Forensic Psychiatry”




 ((Authors who have kindly acknowledged me in their works--Thanks !!

Alam, Glynn Marsh:                                    Green Water Ghost

Alexander, Sunny:                                       Flowers From Iraq

Allende, Isabel:                                           Ripper

Antrim, Kathleen:                                        Capital Offense

Armstrong, Lori:                                          Shallow Grave

Atkinson, Kate:                                            One Good Turn

Bailey, Frankie:                                           The Red Queen Dies

Barclay, Linwood:                                       Broken Promise

Befeler, Mike:                                              The Tesla Legacy

Belgrave, Laura:                                          Quietly Dead

Box, CJ:                                                       Cold Wind

Brant, Kylie:                                                 A Darker Truth

Brennan, Allison:                                         Notorious

Brill, Julie:                                                    Some Bonds Are Never Broken

Brown, Cindy:                                              Macdeath

Budewitz, Leslie:                                         .Death Al Dente

Burdette, Lucy:                                            Fatal Reservations

Burke, Jan:                                                   Nine

Caldwell, Laura                                            Red Hot Lies
                                                                      Claim Of Innocence

Cannon, Taffy:                                              Blood Matters

Carl, Joanna (Eve Sandstrom):                   The Chocolate Bridal Bash

Carocari, Marco:                                          Blackout

Chodosh, Janie:                                           Death Spiral

Clark, Mindy Starns:                                    Elementary, My Dear Watkins

Clemens, Judy:                                            Till the Cows Come Home

Coben, Harlan:                                            Gone For Good

Corbett, David:                                           Blood Of Paradise
                                                                      The Mercy Of the Night

Corrigan, Maya:                                          By Cook or By Crook
                                                                     Scam Chowder
                                                                     Final Fondue
                                                                     The Tell-tale Tarte
                                                                     S’more Murders
                                                                     Crypt Suzette
                                                                     Gingerdead Man

Coyle, Matt:                                                Yesterday’s Echo
                                                                     Night Tremors

Cussler, Clive & Blackwood, Grant:          Spartan Gold
                                                                     Lost Empire

Diamond, Jacqueline:                               The Case of the Surly Surrogate

Dietz, Denise:                                             Chain A Lamb Chop to the Bed

Donlay, Philip:                                            Code Black
                                                                     Zero Separation
                                                                     Deadly Echoes
                                                                     Pegasus Down
                                                                     Seconds To Midnight
                                                                     Speed the Dawn

Dunn, Carola:                                             Fall of a Philanderer
                                                                    A Colourful Death

Emley, Dianne:                                           Love Kills

Ephron, GH:                                               Obsessed


Ephron, Hallie:                                           Never Tell A Lie

Erickson, Jack:                                           Rex Royale

Evanovich, Janet & Lee Goldberg:          The Chase
                                                                    The Pursuit

Everett, Ann:                                              Laid Out and Candle Lit

Farmer, Jerrilyn:                                         Mumbo Gumbo

Finder, Joseph                                           Suspicion

Flynn, Gillian:                                            Sharp Objects

Franze, Anthony:                                      The Advocate’s Daughter

George, Elizabeth:                                   A Banquet of Consequences

Girard, Danielle:                                       Exhume

Goldberg, Lee:                                         Diagnosis Murder: The Silent Partner
                                                                   Diagnosis Murder: The Death Merchant
                                                                   Diagnosis Murder: The Shooting Script
                                                                   Diagnosis Murder: The Past Tense (Dedication)
                                                                   Diagnosis Murder: The Waking Nightmare
                                                                   Diagnosis Murder: The Dead Letter
                                                                   Diagnosis Murder: The Double Life
                                                                   Diagnosis Murder: The Last Word
                                                                   Monk: Mr. Monk Goes to the Firehouse
                                                                   Monk: Mr. Monk Goes to Hawaii
                                                                   Monk: Mr. Monk and the Blue Flu
                                                                   Monk: Mr. Monk and the Two Assistants
                                                                   Monk: Mr. Monk in Trouble
                                                                   True Fiction

Grabenstein, Chris:                                   Whack A Mole

Grabitz, Dee:                                             Murder In Dunton Heights

Griffey, Jackie:                                           The Devil in Merrivale

Griffin, Laura:                                             Unspeakable

Ham, Lorie Lewis:                                      One Of Us

Hannon, Irene:                                           In Harm's Way

Harris, Charlaine:                                       Sookie Stackhouse: Dead To The World

Hart, Carolyn:                                            Merry, Merry Ghost

Hawthorne, Scarlet:                                  Deadline

Haywood, Gar Anthony:                          Man Eater (as Ray Shannon)
                                                                   Firecracker (as Ray Shannon)

Hill, Marion Moore:                                  Deadly Kin

Hoffman, Larissa:                                      Still Life in Brunswick Stew

Hubbard, S W:                                          Swallow The Hook

Huss, Norma                                             Death of a Hot Chick

Isleib, Roberta:                                         Deadly Advice
                                                                  Preaching to the Corpse

Isles, Greg:                                                Natchez Burning
                                                                   The Bone Tree

Kinman, Gay:                                             Death in a Small Town
                                                                   Death in Convent Garden

Kramer, Julie:                                            Missing Mark
                                                                   Killing Kate
                                                                   Delivering Death

Krich, Rochelle:                                         Blues in the Night
                                                                   Shadows of Sin
                                                                   Dream House
                                                                   Grave Endings

Lee, Amanda:                                           Cross-Stitch Before Dying

Lewis, Rodney:                                          None So Blind

Loveall, Michelle:                                      A Moment in Crime

Lowe, Shiela:                                             Written In Blood
                                                                   Dead Write
                                                                   What She Saw
                                                                   Outside The Lines

Marriotte, Jeff:                                           CSI: Miami: Right To Die

Martin, Rosemary:                                      Secret Agent Girl

Nash, Sylvia:                                               RX For Retribution
                                                                    Mama’s Secret

Nolan, Terri:                                                Blue Bird

Orgain, Diana:                                            Motherhood Is Murder

Parker, Sue:                                                 Foul Player

Parker, T. Jefferson:                                   The Border Lords
                                                                    The Jaguar

Parrish, PJ:                                                  Island of Bones
                                                                    A Thousand Bones
                                                                    An Unquiet Grave
                                                                    South Of Hell
                                                                    The Killing Song
                                                                    Heart Of Ice

Parshall, Sandra                                          Under The Dog Star

Peden, Ray:                                                 One Tenth of the Law

Pepper, Kate:                                              Here She Lies

Phelan, Twist:                                              Spurred Ambition

Phillips, Christi:                                           The Devlin Diary

Raffel, Keith:                                               Temple Mount

Rand, Naomi:                                              It’s Raining Men

Rosett, Sara:                                                Moving Is Murder

Ryan, Hank Phillippi:                                  Drive Time

Sailah, Steve:                                               Killing Kitchener

Schwegel, Theresa:                                     Probable Cause
                                                                      Person of Interest
                                                                      Last Known Address

Sera, Drew:                                                   Alone

Seranella, Barbara:                                      Unfinished Business

                                                                      Deadman's Switch

Sharp, Zoe:                                                   Second Shot
                                                                      Third Strike
                                                                      Fourth Day
                                                                      Fifth Victim

Shea, Susan:                                                The King’s Jar

Shelfer, Bennett:                                         Drawing Dead

Smiley, Patricia:                                           Short Change

Smith, Douglas:                                          The Wolf at the End of the World

Smith, Taylor:                                               Deadly Grace

Solimini, Cheryl:                                          Across the River

Sutcliffe, A. Isobel:                                      Dal Segno

Tessler, Margaret:                                        Black Widow White Lies

Thorne, TK:                                                  House of Rose

Vogt, M. Diane:                                           The Little Book of Bathroom Crime Puzzles

Walpow, Nathan:                                        One Last Hit

Weber, Tracy:                                              A Killer Retreat

Weitz, Cynthia:                                           Feisty Old Ladies

West, Nancy:                                              Forever Fatal
                                                                    Smart, But Dead

Woods, Paula L:                                        Stormy Weather

Wyler, Allen:                                              Dead Wrong

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