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Samantha Cody #3

Dr. Lucy Wagner was on top of her game. The only cardiac surgeon on staff, a new pediatric cardiac unit dedicated to her, and an impeccable reputation not only put her at the apex of the local medical pyramid but also garnered a few powerful enemies. Such is the nature of jealousy and greed. Turf wars can get ugly. Still, all was good until the day old John Scully, the spiritual founder, and leader of a local snake-handling church died on her operating table. Fainting spells, nightmarish dreams, and patient after patient succumbing to some violent psychosis followed, putting her career, and her life, in jeopardy. Aided by long-time friend and ex-boxer, ex-cop Samantha Cody, Lucy must reach deeply into her family’s past and into her own soul to find the strength to confront old and very powerful forces she never knew existed.



Original Sin is a tense, disturbing thriller told by a gifted storyteller—BRUCE DESILVA, AP

Like an ambulance racing to an accident scene, DP Lyle puts the pedal to the floor in his latest medical thriller---LINWOOD BARCLAY, New York Times bestselling author of A Tap On the Window

In ORIGINAL SIN, the third Samantha Cody thriller, DP Lyle crafts a compelling story that finds Sam once again in a snake pit of intrigue and danger. This time a literal snake pit. Like the others in this series, complex characters, unexpected plot twists, and more than a dash of humor drive the story. Not to be missed---DAVID MORRELL, New York Times bestselling author of Murder As A Fine Art

From the moment you begin reading Original Sin by D.P. Lyle, M.D., you’ll know you’re in the hands of a master of the medical thriller. Disorienting and riveting, Original Sin finds retired police officer Sam Cody embroiled in a series of puzzling homicides in which heart surgery patients turn into killers – but then, sometimes modern medicine is so high-tech it can seem almost supernatural. Bristling with rich detail and smart repartee, Original Sin is indeed an original.--GAYLE LYNDS, New York Times bestselling author of The Book of Spies

When it comes to heart-stopping suspense, heart-breaking emotion, and cold-hearted terror, nobody can top DP Lyle...and this is the thriller that proves it.---LEE GOLDBERG, Edgar nominated author of the Monk mysteries and co-author with Janet Evanovich of The Chase

Original Sin flows as smooth and satisfying as the finest Tennessee Whiskey---PHILIP DONLAY, acclaimed author of the Donovan Nash series of thrillers

Deftly plotted and expertly executed, Lyle is at the top of his game in a heart-pounding thriller. Sam Cody is a protagonist worth rooting for.--SHELDON IEGEL. New York Times Best Selling Author of the Mike Daley/Rosie Fernandez Legal Thrillers.

 Lyle adroitly balances spot-on medical science and technology with adroit plotting and masterful characters.  A mix of Michael Crichton and C. J. Box that adds up to seasoned and savory brain candy--JON LAND The Providence Sunday Journal



Samantha Cody #2

Some vacation. 

Deputy Samantha Cody has just won her third professional boxing match and expects a relaxing, stress-free visit to her friend Alyss Cameron’s new B and B in the tiny mountain community of Gold Creek, Colorado, Those expectations are immediately dashed when she stumbles onto a brutal killing only to be trampled in a dark alley by the massive killer. Two more murders follow and Sam finds herself in the uncomfortable position of being both witness and investigator.

Police Chief Forrest Wade’s primary suspect, Billy Bear Wingo, a bear-like mountain man, matches the killer’s description, but is he the perpetrator? Is he the shadowy creature that has been seen roaming the mountain slopes, terrorizing hikers, and mutilating cattle or is the truth much more sinister? Does the charming Burt Eagan’s now defunct pharmaceutical research lab, tucked into the deepest recesses of Gold Creek Valley, play a role in any of these bizarre occurrences? Does the stroke-ravaged mind of past Nobel nominee and medical researcher Dr. Edgar Locke hold the answers to these questions?

Sam must survive the harsh mountains, deep hard-rock mines, and a conspiracy of greed and corruption long enough to uncover the truth.



Samantha Cody #1

Deputy Samantha Cody finally bagged her man. The jury’s verdict: three counts of murder in the first with special circumstances and a recommendation of death by lethal injection. Only Judge Westbrooke’s final decree stands between Richard Earl Garrett and San Quentin’s death row.

Exhausted from three weeks of trial, haunted by images of the three sacrificially mutilated children, and disgusted with Garrett’s arrogant defense that "the devil made me do it,” Sam wishes only to wash her hands of this despicable animal. 

It seemed that Mercer’s Corner could finally sleep peacefully and Sam could once again concentrate on training and pursuing her dream of entering the world of women’s professional boxing, when Constance Beeson, the jury foreman, dies in a fiery accident with a runaway gasoline truck. The Rodriguez brothers, sleeping off a drunk in jail, die in a bizarre murder-suicide. Then, two other jury members are ritualistically slain with Garrett’s knife, which is missing from the evidence lock-up.

The bizarre deaths attract a cadre of characters to the tiny California high desert town: Nathan Klimek, star reporter for “Straight Story”, a supermarket check-out tabloid rag; Penelope, no last name, and her pseudo-Satanic followers; Awinita Stillwater, a local Cherokee Indian spiritualist; and Reverend Billy Thibideaux and his First Church of God disciples.

Sam’s world of hard facts and pragmatism spins out of control: two more murders occur, each with Garrett’s signature; Reverend Billy whips the town into a lynch-mob frenzy; Penelope seeks Sam’s help because she fears Garrett is “taking control” of her; Sam experiences strange, sensuous dreams.

Awakened from yet another bizarre dream, Sam is attacked by Carl Angelo, Reverend Billy’s granite-like bodyguard, and must fight for survival. With his last breath, Carl speaks words that could only come from Garrett. Sam and Sheriff Charlie Walker confront Garrett, who answers only to the name Beelzebub, claims he is the “right hand of Satan,” and boasts details only the killer could know. Sam threatens to kill Garrett “right where you sit,” but is blind-sided by a blow from Sheriff Walker, who has fallen under Garrett’s control.


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