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Cain/Harper #3

When Sonny Coleman is gunned down while on a late-night run near the community college where he teaches, his mother Erin Coleman, the US Ambassador to NATO, wishes to avoid his death becoming an international media circus. To this end, she hires Bobby Cain and Harper McCoy to discretely investigate her only son’s death. Shortly after their arrival in the rural Tennessee town, the body of a young woman is found and it appears she is the latest target of a killer known as The Tallyman, due to his tauntingly carving the victim number into the flesh of each corpse. But the killer, after tallying four murders, fell silent for several years. Why has he resurfaced now and why is the latest victim marked with a seven? Are there two missing bodies? Is his reappearance connected to the seemingly random murder of Sonny Coleman? The suspect list is tenuous at best and Cain and Harper must sort through past and present crimes, as well as Sonny’s life, to uncover a ruthless and truly sociopathic killer.

A fast-paced atmospheric thriller with endearing characters that stay with you long after you finish. A series that keeps getting better and better. Fans of Orphan X will love it.—DAVID PUTMAN author of the bestselling Bruno Johnson series

TALLYMAN, the 3rd in D.P. Lyle's Cain/Harper series, maybe his best yet. It grabs you by the throat on page one and rides a roller coaster of tension, quality dialogue, and superior characters to the very end. This is a must-read for thriller lovers.--JOSEPH BADAL, Author of the Lassiter/Martinez Case Files Series

A dynamite addition to Lyle's Cain/Harper series. He expertly weaves his knowledge of true crime with a crackling plot and intriguing characters that fairly leap from the page. Highly recommended!--WELDON BURGE, Author of "Harvester of Sorrow”

Bobby Cain and Harper McCoy, the brother/sister team, and dynamic duo PIs are back! They were raised by not completely legally-minded Gypsies, and then had their special skills honed by the US military forces. When an American Ambassador’s son is shot to death on a back road near a rural Tennessee college town where he is a beloved professor, Erin Coleman seeks out the best there is to look into her only child’s death. And fix it, like only they can. Cain and Harper live up to their billing as tough, and smart. I always love his stories, and now Lyle grabbed my attention with these characters. Great as a stand-alone, or even better in the continuing series, Tallyman hits all its marks--BOOK REVIEW CREW




Cain/Harper #2

“Prior bad acts predict future bad acts.”—Harper McCoy

Fear grips an isolated mountain town after drug dealer Dalton Southwell kills a rogue dealer and his entire family. Score settled, message delivered. But, Dalton’s best-laid plans go awry when his brother Dennie takes a bullet in the gut. In a panic, Dr. Buck Buckner is kidnaped from the local ER, a pharmacy is robbed and the owner murdered, and the killers melt into the rugged Tennessee hills. Buck’s physician father calls in Bobby Cain and Harper McCoy to rescue his son from killers who would have little use for him after he saves Dennie, or worse, the wounded man dies. But, in which direction and how far did they run? What hideaway did they burrow into? For Cain and Harper, it’s a race against time to locate the killers, safely retrieve Buck, and settle their own score.

A born storyteller—PETER JAMES, UK #1 Bestselling Author of the Detective Superintendent Roy Grace Series

Prior Bad Acts moves like a runaway freight train, thundering along from beginning to end and picking up speed until the very last page. D. P. Lyle's second effort to feature Bobby Cain and Harper McCoy finds his stalwart heroes on the dark side of the American Dream, as they attempt to right wrongs that turn small-town Americana into a Shakespearean tragedy. This is a crime thriller of the highest order and an absolute must-read.—-JON LAND, USA Today bestselling author

D. P. Lyle once again delivers a fire-cracker of a thriller that keeps you flying through action-packed pages, endeared to a couple of the best lead characters possible (ones with raw backgrounds and real heart). Atmospheric details of Tennessee make for a consuming, satisfying read.—SHANNON KIRK, International Bestselling Author

As a stand-alone, this book is fabulous and sinks its hooks into you very early on. If you read the first book, this is a follow-up to characters you already know and like. Cain and Harper, siblings with interestingly helpful backgrounds, are an unbeatable pair! To say I couldn’t put it down is a gross understatement. I highly recommend this book!—BOOK REVIEW CREW

Prior Bad Acts is by far the best crime thriller one could possibly get their hands on. The plot, the suspense, the dark secrets, this book is action-packed and will, without a doubt, get you on the edge of your seat. Everything just comes together in such a beautiful yet rugged way. Absolutely fantastic!” JANAY-GOODREADS




Cain/Harper #1

Raised as siblings by an itinerant “gypsy” family, knife expert Bobby Cain, trained by the US military in the lethal art of covert eliminations, and Harper McCoy, nurtured by the US Navy and the CIA to run black ops and wage psychological warfare, are now civilians. Of a sort. Employing the skills learned from the “family” and their training, they now fix the unfixable. Case in point: Retired General William Kessler hires the duo to track down his missing granddaughter, a Vanderbilt University co-ed. Their search leads them to a small, bucolic, lake-side town in central Tennessee and into a world of prostitution, human trafficking, and serial murder. The question then becomes: Will their considerable skills be enough for Cain and Harper to save the young woman, and themselves, from a sociopath with “home field” advantage, a hunter’s skills, and his own deeply disturbing agenda?

Terrific—truly sinister, scary, and suspenseful. Lyle never lets you down.—LEE CHILD, NYT Bestselling author of the Jack Reacher series

SKIN IN THE GAME hums like a tuning fork in perfect thriller pitch. Heroes Bobby Cain and Harper McCoy are skilled with blade and mind, and the villain here sent chills up my spine from page one on. This is further proof that Doug Lyle is at the top of his game.--T. JEFFERSON PARKER author of THE LAST GOOD GUY

D.P. Lyle’s novels are chillingly authentic. An expert technician just keeps getting better. Packed with edge of the seat tension, Skin in the Game takes hunting to an astonishing, and frightening, new level.—ROBERT DUGONI, New York Times Bestselling Author of the Tracy Crosswhite Series

From the first line of Skin in the Game, D.P. Lyle grabs your attention and your imagination, and never lets up. This is a masterpiece of suspense that is built upon strong characters, solid plotting, and excellent scene setting. Lyle uses misdirection as expertly as Raymond Chandler and builds tension that will cause the reader to turn on all the lights and lock the doors. Don’t miss this one.--JOSEPH BADAL, Tony Hillerman Award Winning Author of Natural Causes 

Skin in the Game is a bracing and blisteringly original thriller that challenges old genre rules while making up plenty of its own. D. P. Lyle has fashioned a tale sharply edged enough to leave our fingers bleeding from turning the pages as fast as we can. His intrepid protagonists are among the best drawn and richly realized of any heroes seen in years with echoes of both David Baldacci and C. J. Box, making Skin in the Game a winner from page one. A smooth and sultry tale that shoots for the moon and hits a literary bulls-eye.--JON LAND, USA Today bestselling author of the Caitlin Strong series 

Unputdownable. Bobby Cain wields both his knife and tongue with lethal expertise. Lyle’s seamless prose, gritty voice, and whiplash pacing culminate in an unforgettable climax, showcasing a heartwrenching exposé into the world of human trafficking. And what a wild ride along the way. Ray Donavan meets Deliverance!—K.J. HOWE, international bestselling author of SKYJACK 

SKIN IN THE GAME is “The Most Dangerous Game” on steroids. Fast, relentless, and cunning.—DAVID MORRELL, New York Times bestselling author of Murder As A Fine Art

DP Lyle writes wonderfully and with real insight.  He’s a born storyteller.--PETER JAMES, bestselling author of the Roy Grace thriller series

This book sent shivers down my spine. It is not for the faint of heart. However, it is also one of the most fascinating thrillers I’ve ever read. With all of the shock and horror it holds, it also holds a terrific storyline. Dive into the dark, twisted mind of a killer with this book, but I recommend leaving the lights on--BOOK REVIEW CREW

This was a compelling and riveting read. The story grabs you from the first page and never lets up.--KING'S RIVER LIFE



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