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COMING August 6, 2024


Reluctant PI Jake Longly stumbles on a murdered business owner and enters a world of missing cash, unbalanced books, angry lovers, and a host of suspects.

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It was a simple task. Five minutes tops. 


Pancake and Ray ask Jake and Nicole to pick up some papers from Carl Davis, the owner of Orange Coast Realty. But Jake senses this wouldn’t be as simple as advertised. Was it ever in Ray’s world?


What they found was an empty office—-except for Carl’s body lying on the floor, a single gunshot to his head. See? Not simple.


Who would want Carl dead? A nice guy and a respected businessman and father to all who knew him. Particularly his devastated daughter Savannah and her fiancé Dustin, who was being groomed to take over Carl’s position once he retired.


All signs point to partner Mitch Littlefield, the focus of Ray’s investigation and the subject of the needed papers. Evidence suggests he had been embezzling cash from the company for several years, and now that his crimes faced exposure, his escape route might be to kill his partner and doctor the books to cover his crimes? Made sense, or was he simply the convenient suspect? Maybe it was a past disgruntled employee like Gary Wayne Frawley, or a former client such as Everette Lowe, who felt Carl had scammed him in a deal. Or did Carl have a secret lover and maybe an angered rival for the woman’s affection? 


Lieutenant Brooke Peters of the Orange Beach PD heads up the investigation. Initially reluctant to deal with Ray and crew, she ultimately sees the wisdom in involving them, and by default Jake and Nicole. The long suspect list and numerous potential motives make untying the knot difficult. With millions of dollars at stake, weeding through Carl’s entanglements requires all hands on deck and yet again drags Jake into Ray’s domain.



Jake Longly #6

From Oceanview Publishing

Money, Sex, Power. Jonathon Lindemann offers it all---just don't mind the missing girls.

“Ray wants you to join a cult.”

So it begins. Jake Longly is yet again dragged into a private investigation he wants no part of. This time into the world of the very rich and decadent. Self-help and financial guru Jonathon Lindemann has built an empire, and a rustic, yet posh, retreat in rural Magnolia Springs, Alabama. As the creator of The Lindemann Method, he is the golden goose for his investors and the Svengali to the many young and beautiful women who work for him. Money, power, sex, what could possibly go awry?

When April Wilkerson goes missing from the grounds of Lindemann Farms, Ray dispatches Jake and Nicole to worm their way inside the organization and attempt to learn where the young lady might have gone. Did she simply move on to a better life with some high-roller, or perhaps flee the shadow of her overbearing mother, or has something more sinister happened? To solve the mystery, Jake and Nicole must adopt the roles of prospective members and cozy up to Jonathon and his sidekick, Rhea Wilson. At first, both appear to be benevolent and generous mentors, but as the layers peel away, darker edges appear. Does Jonathon truly make money for his investors, or is he a scam artist? Is April merely the latest in a series of missing young women? 

To answer these questions, Jake must enter the one place he hates to be—-Ray’s world.



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Jake Longly #5

Jake Longly is hoping for a few weeks of fun with Nicole in the warm Orange County, CA sun—The OC, baby—before hopping up to LA for the filming of Nicole’s sure-to-be-a-hit screenplay. But on arrival, they discover that Nicole’s friend Megan Weatherly, a small-market local TV reporter, has picked up an anonymous stalker. Megan thinks he’s simply an infatuated fan but Jake and Nicole, as well as Megan’s new intern Abby, also a past stalking victim, think he’s potentially dangerous. As the shadowy man escalates his harassment, becomes more threatening, and circles closer and closer to Megan’s world, Ray and Pancake arrive. Are Ray’s past military black ops experience and Pancake’s computer skills enough to expose the predator in time? The stalker is no fool and likely has past experience. He makes no mistakes and manages to cover his trail completely. So, how do you identify and locate the untraceable? How do you protect Megan from a potentially lethal phantom? Suddenly the sunshine and safety of The OC seem more facade than reality. Jake and crew must punch through that facade and dig into the dark world of celebrity stalking. The clock is ticking.

Edgar finalist Lyle’s sparkling fifth Jake Longly thriller (after 2020’s Rigged) takes the cheerful Alabama investigator, who describes himself as an “ex-pro baseball player, restaurant/ bar owner, and lover of women,” and the woman he loves, Nicole Jamison, to Orange County, Calif. Snappy patter lifts this bright look at a dark subject. Lyle should win new fans with this one.--PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

Reminiscent of Nelson DeMille’s former NYC homicide detective character John Corey, Jake Longly’s sardonic quips will make you laugh out loud. Who doesn’t love a handsome, snarky knight-in-shining-armor who can throw a mean fastball--BOOKTRIB



Jake Longly #4

Amazon #1 in Multiple Categories

First loves are never forgotten. Ever. Certainly not for Tommy “Pancake” Jeffers. His first-kiss, sixth-grade love Emily, whom he has not seen since grammar school, is sliding toward divorce in the artsy Gulf Coast town of Fairhope. Alabama. Longly Investigations has been charged with looking into the finances involved. But, when Emily doesn’t appear for their nervously anticipated meeting, Pancake’s radar goes on high alert. When her body, along with that of Jason, one of the two guys she has been dating, is found murdered, Pancake calls in Jake, Nicole, and Ray and the pursuit begins. Who would have done this? The soon-to-be ex, who has an ironclad alibi, the other guy Emily is seeing—jealousy being a motive for harm, or do the drugs found in Jason’s pocket indicate a drug-related hit? That world yields a host of suspects. As they peel back the layers of this idyllic community, dark secrets come to light and convoluted motives and methods of murder are revealed. 

In these trying times, we can all use a smile, but rare is the writer who can get a chuckle out of his readers while delivering edge-of-your-seat suspense and thrills.  That’s one reason D.P. Lyle’s latest novel RIGGED is such a glorious find THE BIG THRILL

The characters are fresh and well-defined, but it’s Jake’s snappy patter and amusing riffs, often focusing on his monumentally annoying ex-wife, that drives the narrative to its Glock-blazing conclusion. This series just keeps getting better.--PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

The witty banter and Jake's character might remind readers of Rex Stout's Archie Goodwin.--LIBRARY JOURNAL

DP Lyle has once again written a plot that keeps Longly fans and all thriller readers on the edge of their seats . . . The plot is fantastic, the action is fast, and Pancake steals the heart.--SUSPENSE MAGAZINE

Jake Longly is the Bartleby of detectives: he'd prefer not to. Who can blame him? He's living the sweet life, owning a Gulf Coast bar/restaurant and dallying with the luscious Nicole, who, he mock-laments, is insatiable. There's nothing low-key, though, about Nicole when fight time comes. Her clash with the villains is worth the price of admission.--BOOKLIST

I’m so glad that D.P. Lyle has given us another adventure in his Jake Longly Series. He’s one of my favorite authors. RIGGED is an intriguing story of the adventures of this mismatched entourage who work together to solve this murder case. The storyline is a creative one, and the plot takes many twists and turns but moves along quickly. This series just keeps getting better and better.--FRESH FICTION

A deftly crafted novel by a master of the suspense/thriller genre--MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

This was an intense read that kept me turning the pages. The characters are well-drawn and never lose their focus. The murder plot is cunningly twisted and will keep you guessing right to the final confrontation. --KING'S RIVER LIFE

Rigged will appeal to fans of murder mysteries who prefer their crimes served with a side of comic relief. Though the killings are grisly, the lighthearted caper never strays too far into the darkness.--BOOKTRIB



Jake Longly #3

In SUNSHINE STATE, Jake Longly and his girlfriend Nicole Jamison are confronted with the most bizarre case yet. Serial killer Billy Wayne Baker now denies that two of the seven murders he confessed to doing are actually his work. An anonymous benefactor, who believes Billy Wayne’s denials, hires Longly Investigations to prove Billy Wayne right. Yet, Billy Wayne confessed. Not only did he have the motive, means, and opportunity, but also DNA connects him to each murder.

Jake, Nicole, Ray, and Pancake travel to the small Gulf coast town of Pine Key, where three of the murders occurred. The local police, the FBI, and the state prosecutor and crime lab each did their jobs, uncovered overwhelming evidence of Billy Wayne’s guilt, and even extracted a full confession. Is Billy Wayne simply trying to tweak the system, and garner another fifteen minutes of fame? Is it all a game to him? But, if he’s being truthful, is there a killer out there getting away with murder? Who? Why? Most importantly, how?

Nothing is as it seems in the Sunshine State.

A serial killer hires PIs Jake & Nicole to prove he didn't commit two of his many murders. It's another ingenious story from D.P. Lyle, told with his trademark cleverness, intelligence, and wickedly sexy sense of fun--Lee Goldberg, #1 New York Times bestselling author of TRUE FICTION

“. . . medical specialist Lyle provides suitably gossipy small-town atmosphere, straightforward plotting, a likable, wisecracking hero, and, of course, solid forensics . . .”—Kirkus Reviews

Sunshine State sizzles with just the right mix of action and mystery, a rollicking roller-coaster ride on a track lined with thrills and spills. While a bit darker than the previous entries in the series, Lyle sprinkles in enough light to make this a devilishly entertaining thriller that is not to be missed.— Jon Land, USA Today bestselling author of the Caitlin Strong series and Murder, She Wrote series

D.P. Lyle is a master. Sunshine State has more laughs and sideways moments in each chapter than you’re likely to find in an entire novel by anyone else. The smartest, funniest thriller I’ve read in years. This series is the most fun in print today.—Tim Maleeny, bestselling author of Stealing The Dragon and JUMP

The release of a new DP Lyle book is a highlight of any year, and SUNSHINE STATE is his best yet! This is one of those rare novels where everything in your life stops until you read through to the end. Jake Longly rocks!--John Gilstrap, author of the Jonathan Grave Thriller Series. 

In Lyle’s ingenious third mystery featuring retired major league pitcher Jake Longly, Jake, who runs a restaurant in Gulf Shores, Ala., is again roped into working for his father Ray’s PI firm.  The clever plot twists will surprise even genre veterans. This entry is the best in the series so far.--PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

Sunshine State sizzles with just the right mix of action and mystery, a rollicking roller-coaster ride on a track lined with thrills and spills.--BOOKTRIB



Jake Longly #2 

Amazon #1 Bestseller

Named one of Bookreporter’s 2017 Favorites.

Jake Longly and his girlfriend Nicole Jamison are still recovering from their ordeal with Ukrainian underworld boss Victor Borkov and life on the Gulf Coast is returning to normal. Then Nicole’s producer uncle Charles Balfour calls asking them to head to New Orleans where his mega-star, A-list actor Kirk Ford, has awakened with the corpse of a college co-ed in his hotel bed. Ford, in the Big Easy for a location shoot, remembers little of the evening and nothing of the murder. As if things couldn’t get worse, the girl is the niece of local mafioso-type Tony Guidry who will do what is necessary to avenge his niece's death.

As Jake and Nicole attempt to put the pieces together, they butt heads with Tony’s muscle, his near-do-well yet aggressive nephews (the dead girl’s brothers), as well as drug dealers Ju Ju and Ragman. Of course, Ray and Pancake arrive to help sort things out with the help of Ford’s beautiful co-stars in the multi-billion dollar Space Quest franchise, Tegan and Tara James (aka The Twins), who vehemently support and defend Ford. 

But something isn’t right. The facts don’t fit. Who would want Kristi Guidry dead or Kirk framed for murder? And why? Everyone has an opinion, including Kristi’s friends, her ex-boyfriend, homicide detective Troy Doucet, and even local fortuneteller Madam Theresa. It’s up to Jake and Nicole to decipher who’s lying, who’s telling the truth, and exactly who schemed to murder Kristi Guidry.


Nothing is easy in the Big Easy.

The result is one part Carl Hiaasen mixed with two parts Elmore Leonard and garnished with Robert Parker at his best.—JON LAND, The Providence Journal

... a thriller that is all-out fantastic!—SUSPENSE MAGAZINE

DP Lyle hits it over the fence with A-LIST. This mystery, featuring former Major League pitcher and reluctant P.I. Jake Longly, is fast-paced, slick, and funny. Bad times in the Big Easy mean a great time for readers. Head to New Orleans with Jake, and enjoy the trip.—-MEG GARDINER best-selling author of UNSUB

DP Lyle’s latest in the Jake Longly series, A-LIST, will transport readers into the underbelly of The Big Easy in grand style and have them laughing the entire way---LINDA CASTILLO, best-selling author of the Kate Burkholder Series

New Orleans has never been as sexy or as dangerous—-PAUL LEVINE, bestselling author of  BUM LUCK

A rollicking thrill ride through the mean streets and tasty restaurants of New Orleans. Murder, mobbed-up bad guys, Hollywood heartthrobs, and laughs! What more could you want? DP Lyle is at the top of his game!—-MATT COYLE, author of the Anthony Award-winning Rick Cahill crime novels

A-List by D.P. Lyle, the second book in the Jake Longly series, blends humor with hard-boiled detective fiction to create a fast-paced, entertaining novel that will satisfy fans of the genre—NY JOURNAL OF BOOKS

The sexiness and humor of the A-List will keep you as transfixed as a stolen afternoon in the Monteleone's hypnotic carousel bar.—SHANNON KIRK, author of METHOD 15/33



Jake Longly #1

Amazon #1 Bestseller

2017 Shamus Award Nominee (Best First PI Novel Category)

INDIES 2016 Book of the Year Award, Finalist

2016, USA Today Best Book Award, Finalist (Thriller Category)

Suspense Magazine’s Best of 2016 (Thriller/Suspense Category)

Ex-professional baseball player Jake Longly adamantly refuses to work for his father, to enter Ray’s PI world. He prefers to hang out at his beach-front bar/restaurant and chase bikinis along the sugary beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama. But Ray could be persuasive so Jake finds himself staking out the home of wealthy Barbara Plummer, suspected of adultery by her husband. Seems simple enough. Hang around, take a few pictures, and sip a little bourbon. Except Barbara gets herself murdered right under Jake’s nose. Jake launches into an investigation of the homicide, aided by new girlfriend Nicole Jamison, actress, budding screenwriter, and the progeny of Hollywood A-list parents, and Tommy “Pancake” Jeffers, Ray’s redheaded, behemoth employee who has crazy computer skills.  Jake quickly runs afoul of Ukrainian mobster Victor Borkov, his henchmen Joe Zuma and Frank Boyd, cartel hitman Carlos, and the hitmen wanna-be Wilbanks brothers. Was Borkov behind Barbara’s murder? If so, why? What could he possibly gain? As Jake and Nicole peel away the layers of the crime, more murders pile up, and the intrepid couple must somehow escape being deep-sixed from Borkov’s massive yacht.

We all know Lyle’s erudition and expertise - but who knew he was this funny?--LEE CHILD, NY Times Best Selling Author

Corruption, vendettas, cartel killers, oh my!  Deep Six puts the fun back into late-night reading with this fast-paced romp through murder and mayhem.  Prepare to flip the pages--LISA GARDNER, NY Times Best-selling Author

Mix Pulp Fiction with a great mystery, add a dash of humor, stir lightly and you’ll have a perfect combination that is “DEEP SIX.”—SUSPENSE MAGAZINE

A comedic thriller that weaves through the Gulf Coast with wild abandon.  This book has it all, memorable characters, a stunning plot, and as always, Lyle's impeccable sense of place. Bravo!--PHILIP DONLAY, best-selling author of the Donovan Nash series

Page-turning action and knock-out dialogue from a master craftsman and storyteller. I devoured this one!--ROBERT DUGONI #1 Amazon and New York Times Best-Selling Author of My Sister’s Grave 

DEEP SIX is a fast-paced thrill ride that’s laugh-out-loud funny and interspersed with white-knuckle suspense.  Readers of Nelson DeMille’s John Corey series will love Jake Longley.--LINDA CASTILLO best-selling author of the Kate Burkholder series

A true page-turner, smart and stylish, with crisp prose and a cast of colorful characters who show both humor and grit. Twists and turns a plenty, Deep Six is a terrific read!--DANIEL PALMER author of Delirious, Helpless, Stolen, and Desperate



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