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Book Review: An Evil Heart by Linda Castillo

Pub Date: 7-11-23

I love this series, and Kate Burkholder. The entire series, all 15 of them, are not to be missed. AN EVIL HEART might be the best so far, and that’s saying a lot. In this installment, Kate must unravel a series of dark and convoluted crimes that include murder and sexual abuse. Her investigation begins when the corpse of twenty-year-old Aden Karn, the well-respected son of a prominent Amish family, is found along a rural road. It appears he was murdered with a crossbow. Yes, a crossbow. As Kate peels back the layers of Aden’s life, and death, questions arise. Was he as upstanding as he seemed? Did he have a dark side? Did he and his friends have closely guarded secrets, and how far would the friends go to protect them, and themselves? Does Aden’s Seemingly-innocent fiancé Emily have her own dark secrets? As usual, Castillo’s plotting and writing skills are on full display.

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