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Book Review: One Last Kill by Robert Dugoni

One Last Kill by Robert Dugoni

Pub Date: 10-3-23

ONE LAST KILL is the 10th installment in the best-selling Tracy Crosswhite series. In this story, Tracy, relegated to the cold case unit, and is its sole officer, isn’t thrilled with the reassignment. She wants back in the field. Fate would intervene. As the local newspaper plans to publish a series of articles on the three—decade-old Route 99 serial killer case, and to trash the Seattle PD’s lack of performance, the higher-ups order Tracy to reopen the investigation, and to solve it. She resists, saying that the killer has been dormant and kicking a sleeping dog might not be the best strategy. Very prophetic. Making things worse, this required working with Captain Johnny Nolasco, who earlier failed to solve the case and with whom Tracy has had long-standing conflicts. As the reluctant partners dig into the case, the killer does indeed awaken, and worse, they uncover evidence of high-level corruption by those who will do anything to protect their secrets. Page by page, the tension mounts in this remarkable thriller.

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