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Book Review: The Burning by Linda Castillo

Pub Date: 7-9-24

When you begin a story with a victim burned at the stake, you better deliver. But would you expect less from tough-minded Painter’s Mill Chief of Police Kate Burkholder, and gifted storyteller Linda Castillo? What follows that gruesome beginning is a gripping story with echoes back to the creation of the Anabaptist movement and the cruel treatment they endured during the middle ages. The victim, Milan Swanz, an excommunicated Amish man, has lived a life of antagonism, for everyone and everything, creating an enemy’s list that possesses no end, including Kate's brother Joseph. Kate assembles her crew, as well as her now husband and Ohio Bureau of Investigation investigator John Tomasetti, and attempts to uncover the who and why of Swanz’s murder. Accused of protecting her brother, and removed from involvement in the case, an undeterred Kate continues her investigation, a pathway that leads her into several dramatic life and death conflicts. From the disturbing opening scene to the explosive ending, this is a book you will not put down. This series continues to roll along at breakneck speed.

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