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Book Review: The Women by Kristin Hannah

The Women by Kristin Hannah

Pub Date: 2-6-24

Kristin Hannah is a wonderful writer, and storyteller. She proved that with the amazing THE NIGHTINGALE. Now with THE WOMEN she might have topped that. It’s the 1960s and the Viet Nam War in raging. Frankie McGrath has finished her nursing degree and impulsively joins the US ARMY to follow her brother to Viet Nam. Even before her arrival ‘in country,’ her brother is killed and Frankie finds herself in way over her head, working in field hospitals, patching up severely mangled soldiers, and trying to stay alive. Through friendships and a pair of love interests, she survives and returns home to idyllic Coronado, California. But, everything has changed. Her baggage includes a duffle full of smelly clothes, PTSD, and a drug and alcohol addiction. Then, her survival struggles truly begin. Faced with backlash from her family—“women don’t go to war”—and from a public fed up with all things Viet Nam, Frankie spirals into a life of gut-wrenching ups and downs. This story is so well-written and engaging I could not put it down. A true masterpiece that everyone should read.

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