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Get To Know Author/Podcaster/Filmmaker John Gaspard

Kathleen Antrim and I had a great conversation with the multi-talented John Gaspard on the Outlier's YouTube Channel.

John is the author of the Eli Marks mystery series and the Como Lake Players mystery series. He also has several other stand-alone novels, including “The Greyhound of the Baskervilles,” “A Christmas Carl,” “The Sword & Mr. Stone” and “The Ripperologists.”

John’s Eli Marks Mysteries Website:

He hosts two podcasts: "Behind the Page: The Eli Marks Podcast," and "The Occasional Film Podcast.” In real life, John's not a magician, but he has directed six low-budget features that cost very little and made even less - that's no small trick. He's also written multiple books on the subject of low-budget filmmaking. Ironically, those books made more than the films.

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