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Jake Longly is a Kindle Monthly Deal

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Four Jake Longly books are April Kindle Monthly Deals.

DEEP SIX (#1) is FREE and SUNSHINE STATE (#3), RIGGED (#4), and THE OC (#5) are $1.99 each. Catch up with Jake and crew and get ready for CULTURED (#6) coming 5-2-23.


Ex-professional baseball player Jake Longly adamantly refuses to work for Ray, his PI father, preferring to hang out at his beach-front bar/restaurant and chase bikinis along the beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama. But Ray could be persuasive so Jake finds himself staking-out a suspected adulteress who gets murdered right under Jake’s nose. Aided by new girlfriend Nicole Jamison, Jake’s homicide investigation quickly runs afoul of Ukrainian mobster Victor Borkov and his henchmen. Was Borkov behind the murder? If so, why? As the intrepid couple peel away the layers of the crime, more murders pile up, and ultimately they must somehow escape being deep-sixed from Borkov’s massive yacht.

In SUNSHINE STATE, Jake Longly and Nicole Jamison are hired by confessed serial killer Billy Wayne Baker to prove that two of his seven murders weren’t actually his work. Yet, his DNA turned up at each scene. Is Billy Wayne simply trying to tweak the system or is someone getting away with murder? If so, who, why, and how?

First loves are never forgotten. Ever. Certainly not for Tommy “Pancake” Jeffers. His first-kiss, sixth-grade love Emily, who he has not seen since grammar school, is sliding toward divorce in the artsy Gulf Coast town of Fairhope. Alabama. When her body, along with that of Jason, one of two guys she has been dating, are found murdered, execution-style, Pancake calls in Jake, Nicole, and Ray and the pursuit begins. As they peel back the layers of this idyllic community, dark secrets come to light and convoluted motives and methods of murder are revealed.

Jake Longly is hoping for a few weeks of fun with Nicole in the warm Orange County, CA sun—The OC, baby. But Nicole’s friend and local TV reporter Megan Weatherly has picked up an anonymous celebrity stalker, who is no fool and manages to cover his trail. Suddenly the sunshine and safety of The OC seem more facade than reality and the clock is ticking.

COMING May, 2, 2023: CULTURED (Jake Longley #6)

“Ray wants you to join a cult.”

So it begins. Jake Longly is yet again dragged into a private investigation he wants no part of. This time into the world of the very rich and decadent. Self-help and financial guru Jonathon Lindemann has built an empire, and a rustic, yet posh, retreat in rural Magnolia Springs, Alabama. As creator of The Lindemann Method, he is the golden goose for his investors and the Svengali to the many young and beautiful women who work for him. Money, power, sex, what could possibly go awry?

When April Wilkerson goes missing from the grounds of Lindemann Farms, Ray dispatches Jake and Nicole to worm their way inside the organization and attempt to learn where the young lady might have gone. Did she simply move on to a better life with some high-roller, or perhaps flee the shadow of her overbearing mother, or has something more sinister happened? To solve the mystery, Jake and Nicole must adopt the roles of prospective members and cozy up to Jonathon and his sidekick, Rhea Wilson. At first, both appear to be benevolent and generous mentors, but as the layers peel away, darker edges appear. Does Jonathon truly make money for his investors, or is he a scam artist? Is April merely the latest in a series of missing young women?

To answer these questions, Jake must enter to one place he hates to be—-Ray’s world.

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