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Hosted by DP Lyle, MD & Jan Burke 
Archived by Suspense Radio


Crime and Science Radio had a run of over 3 1/2 years, but in the end Jan and I decided to put the show to bed. It was mostly a time issue—-we don’t have enough. Does anyone? Also, we feel we fairly well covered the field of forensic science in the 67 shows we hosted.


We’ve had many amazing guests and we thank them for taking the time to share their expertise and thoughts with us—-and you.

 Do Not Despair.

Each of the shows is archived and available through the links below.




4-1-17: Facial Recognition Technologies with FBI Senior Photographic Technologist Richard W. Vorder Bruegge


3-4-17: Dangerous Instincts: An Interview with Senior FBI Profiler (Ret) Mary Ellen O’Toole Ph.D.

2-4-17: Vintage Computer Games, Missing Aircraft, and an Amazing Forensic Resource: An Interview with Douglas White of the National Institute of Standards and Technology's National Software Reference Library (NSRL)

1-7-17: Car Crashes and "Crime Hot Spots”—-Studying Patterns To Prevent Crime

12-3-16: NAMUS: Naming The Unidentified, Finding The Missing: An Interview With J. Todd Matthews

11-12-16: Should We Abandon Use of Lie Detector Tests As Junk Science? An Interview With Morton Tavel, M.D.

10-1-16: Meet Iris, the FBI’s Only Electronic-sniffing Dog: An Interview with Jeffrey Calandra

9-10-16: Crime Scenes, Criminalistics, and the Cutting Edge in Los Angeles: An Interview with Former LASD Criminalist Professor Donald Johnson of California State University, Los Angeles

8-13-16: The BTK Killer and Other Serial Murderers: An Interview with Psychologist and Author Dr. Katherine Ramsland

6-4-16: Forensic Science Then and Now: an Interview with Jay Jarvis

5-7-16: Personal Violence: Sex and Domestic Crimes: An Interview with Former Federal Prosecutor and Author Alison Leotta

4-23-16: Things That Go Boom in the Night: An Interview with Weapons and Explosives Expert and Author John Gilstrap

4-9-16: Building a Better Law Enforcement: An Interview with Chief Scott LaChasse, Burbank Police Department

3-26-16: Research, Education, and the Future of Forensic Science: an Interview with Dr. Katherine A. Roberts, Director of the CSULA Graduate Program in Criminalistics

2-27-16: Follow the Money: Catching Cheaters, Frauds and Con Artists — An Interview with Securities Fraud Investigator Richard B. York
Part 1

3-12-16: Follow the Money: Catching Cheaters, Frauds and Con Artists — An Interview with Securities Fraud Investigator Richard B. York Part 2

2-13-16: Crime and Science in the OC: an Interview with Bruce Houlihan, Director of the Orange County Crime Lab

1-30-16: Crime and Science Radio: Working Stiff: An Interview with Forensic Pathologist Judy Melinek and co-author/husband TJ Mitchell

1-16-16: Tracking Down the Bad Guys: A Conversation with Retired US Marshal and Novelist Marc Cameron

12-19-15: Men of Valor: An Interview with Author and Weapons Expert John F. Mullins, Major U.S. Army Special Forces (Ret.)

12-5-15: Bones Tell The Tale: An Interview With Forensic Anthropologist and Best-selling Author Kathy Reichs

11-21-15: Identifying The Dead, Finding The Missing: An Interview With Todd Matthews of NamUs

11-7-15: Lie Catchers: Paul Bishop Returns

10-10-15: Biotechnology and WMDs: An Interview with the FBI’s Betsy Glick and Edward You, and Biotech Futurist Andrew Hessel, Part 1

10-24-15: Biotechnology and WMDs: An Interview with the FBI’s Betsy Glick and Edward You, and Biotech Futurist Andrew Hessel, Part 2

9-26-15: Turning the Tables; Emmy-Winning Investigative Reporter Hank Phillippi Ryan interrogates DP Lyle, MD

9-12-15: Turning the Tables; Emmy-Winning Investigative Reporter Hank Phillippi Ryan interrogates Jan Burke

6-20-15: My Lying Eyes: Audio-Video-Image Enhancement Expert Douglas Carner Discusses Tampered Evidence and Industry Secrets

6-6-15: The Anatomy of Innocence: An Interview with Author, Legal Scholar, and Advocate Laura Caldwell 

5-23-15: Investigating the Criminal Mind with Author Alan Jacobson

5-9-15: A Fly for the Prosecution: An Interview with Forensic Entomologist Dr. Lee Goff

4-25-15: Digging Up The Facts with Award-winning Investigative Reporter Hank Phillippi Ryan


3-28-15: Forensic Science On Trial: The Honorable Donald Shelton On Forensic Science And The Courts 

3-14-15: Spy vs Spy vs Spy: An Interview with the Queen of Espionage Gayle Lynds

2-28-14: Small Town Cop; Big Time Police Chief: An Interview with Chief Scott Silverii

2-14-15: Chasing Monsters; Running From Monsters: An Interview with Douglas Preston, Best-selling Author of The Monster Of Florence

1-31-15:  Watching the Detectives: Investigative Journalism and Forensic Science — An Interview with Douglas Starr 

1-17-15: What You Did Here Told Me Who You Are: An Interview with former FBI Criminal Profiler Mark Safarik

11-15-14: Improving Forensic Science: An Interview With Kevin Lothridge Of The NFSTC

11-1-14: What Bones Can Tell Us: An Interview with Forensic Anthropologist Marilyn London

10-18-14: Inside The Creative Mind: An Interview With Psychotherapist, Screenwriter, and Novelist Dennis Palumbo

10-4–14: Going Undercover with NYPD Detective and Fiction Writer Marco Conelli

9-20-14: From Firefights To Fiction: An Interview With Military Surgeon and Author Dr. Jeffrey Wilson

8-23–14: The Changing World of Forensic Science: An Interview With Barry A.J. Fisher, past president of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences

8-9-14: An Interview with Alafair Burke: The Criminal Justice System, Real and Imagined

7-26-14: Taking A Bite Out Of Crime: An Interview with Forensic Dentist Dr. Michael Tabor

7-12-14: The Skeleton Crew: A Conversation with Deborah Halber on the Amateurs Who Are Finding the Missing and Solving Cold Cases

6-28-14: You'll Tell Me No Lies: An Interview Paul Bishop, Interrogation Expert, Author, and Retired LAPD Detective

6-14-14: The Art and Science of Law Enforcement: An Interview with Robin Burcell  

5-31-14: Deadly Doctors, Killer Nurses and other Medical Miscreants

5-17-14: Dealing With the Dead: A Life in the Morgue: In Conversation with Dr. Cyril Wecht

5-3-14: A New Lab, A New Approach to Forensic Science: An Interview with Dr. Max M. Houck, Director of the Washington D.C. Department of Forensic Sciences

4-19-14: When Disaster Hits: Naming The Dead: An Interview With NTSB’s Paul Sledzik

3-29-14: Sex, Lies, and Crime: An Interview With Sex Crimes Expert and Best-Selling Author Linda Fairstein

3-15-14: Burning Down the House: An Interview with Fire Investigator John Lentini

3-1-14: Working the Crime Scene: An Interview With Forensic Specialist Lisa Black

2-15-14: FBI Special Agents: What Do These Guys Do?: And Interview with George Fong, FBI Retired

2-1-14: Inside the Los Angeles Regional Crime Lab: An Interview with Dean Gialamas

1-18-14: The Body Tells the Tale: DP Lyle and Jan Burke Interview Dr. Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson

1-4-13: Dr. Katherine Ramsland Interview: The Devil’s Dozen: What Makes the Bad Guys Tick?

12-14-13: Money is the Root: Investigating Financial Crimes - Jan Burke Interviews Andrea Jacobsen of the Alaska State Troopers

11-30-13: Private Investigators: Who Are These Guys?

11-16-13:What the Dog Knows: The Science and Wonder of Working Dogs: An Interview with Cat Warren

11-2-13: The Infancy of Toxicology: Interview with Deborah Blum, Author of The Poisoner's Handbook

10-19-13: Judging Science: Evidence and Courts

10-5-13: Drugs, Poisons, Toxins, and Death with DP Lyle, MD

9-21-13: The Science of Sherlock Holmes: Jan Burke and Leslie Klinger

9-7-13: Hollywood Storytelling: Science Fact or Make Believe

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