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Reviews: PRIOR BAD ACTS, Cain/Harper #2

“A born storyteller”—Peter James, UK #1 Bestselling Author of the Detective Superintendent Roy Grace Series

"Prior Bad Acts moves like a runaway freight train, thundering along from beginning to end and picking up speed until the very last page. D. P. Lyle's second effort to feature Bobby Cain and Harper McCoy finds his stalwart heroes on the dark side of the American Dream, as they attempt to right wrongs that turn small-town Americana into a Shakespearean tragedy. This is a crime thriller of the highest order and an absolute must read.”—-Jon Land, USA Today bestselling author

Book Review Crew

Bobby Cain and Harper McCoy are back, this time to save a Dr, kidnapped after his shift at the ER. When a local drug dealer tries to branch out and save himself a bigger slice of profit, the Memphis boss sends in thugs to make an example of him. He seemed to know it was coming and had a weapon of his own hidden in the family couch. He’s out of the picture, but not before dealing one of the goons a gut shot. Cain and Harper make it to town just a few hours later. The local Police Chief is happy to have professional help since her department is small, underfunded, and out of their league. Things like kidnapping and murder aren’t an everyday occurrence in Tanners Crossroads, TN.

As a stand-alone, this book is fabulous and sinks its hooks into you very early on. If you read the first book, this is a follow up to characters you already know and like. Cain and Harper, siblings with interestingly helpful backgrounds, are an unbeatable pair! To say I couldn’t put it down is a gross understatement. I highly recommend this book!

Prior Bad Acts is by far the best crime thriller one could possibly get their hands on. The plot, the suspense, the dark secrets, this book is action packed and will, without a doubt, get you on the edge of your seat. Everything just comes together in such a beautiful yet rugged way. Absolutely fantastic!” Janay-Goodreads

“As stories go, they don’t come more action-packed than this! From the first chapter, I was gripped by the story and stayed that way throughout. The plot held me from start to finish and I think that is reflected in the fact I finished the book in one day. High octane indeed. If you like action in your stories, definitely one for you.”—Anne Jenkins—Goodreads

Bad Acts Made For the Movies

“When three bad guys pull into this rural Tennessee town, they didn’t know that they’d need a doctor. The pace is fast as things rapidly go wrong for them and a lot of other people before they can make it back to Memphis. Harper and Cain are fascinating characters. Their backstories are unusual, as are their skills. Buck, Cassie, Hack, and Marla quickly endeared themselves to me as I turned the pages. The author’s writing style is sparse and gritty, reminding me of Vin Diesel’s voiceover parts in the movie Pitch Black. It worked well to bring authenticity to the darkened world of Cain and Harper.”—Catriona—Goodreads

What an awesome story. There is action aplenty, suspense, unexpected twists, guys you love to hate, and good guys who are everything a reader could ask for. Here are protagonists who have character, loyalty, ability, and compassion, plus the skills they need to get things done. This book grabbed me from the first page and didn't let go until the last. I can't wait to find other books by this author. I have a feeling they will be just as good.—Teresa, BookBub

In Prior Bad Acts, we have very bad guys, very good guys, and a few characters, including Cain and Harper, who remain a little murky. Bobby Cain and his sister Harper McCoy are both skilled in varied talents and work on the side of the angels. Usually. Many of their skills were learned in the service of Uncle Sam, although some were picked up in their rambling, unrooted youth. Both now retired from the service to our country, they are working out of Nashville through the offices of Marcus Milner, Attorney. He makes the deals, sets up the accounts, handles the billing, etc. Leaving Cain and Harper to 'fix' things. They try to make things right, or at least to have them break even. The new job is a blatant kidnapping in Turner's Crossroads, Tennessee. The victim, a locum tenens ER doctor working the day shift is kidnapped from the parking lot at the Emergency Room entrance to the small hospital in Turner's Crossroads as he leaves work for the day. Dr. Bradley "Buck" Buckner is the son of Dr. Frank Buckner who owns a large, prosperous medical clinic in North Carolina. Because Buck is not local, only temporarily replacing a staff doctor on maternity leave, it is thought that Dad's money would be the cause and solution to Buck's kidnapping. But not the death of the local druggist... Enter the illegal drug distributors, both local and statewide. And to muddy the waters a bit more, we get to know a local who uses the various drugs pushed by local bad boy Tommy. Tommy whose entire family was murdered just minutes before the kidnapping. Things are getting really dicey in the Crossroads. Nobody is safe. Not only do we have bad guys in our little town, but they also seem to have a pipeline directly into the police station. As the entire force consists of only a dozen officers and two cars equipped with radios, and that is counting the two employees who are listed as 'volunteers', nobody can be spared, and nobody can believe they have a leak in their department. And then one of their own disappears.—brf1948, BookBub

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