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Get To Know Best-selling Author Laura McHugh

Updated: Apr 24

Kathleen Antrim and I had a great conversation with author Laura McHugh on the Outlier's YouTube Channel. Join us:

Released Today: Laura’s latest thriller SAFE AND SOUND

DP Lyle’s Review:

Make no mistake, Laura McHugh understands dysfunctional family dynamics, and spinning tales that move back and forth in time, better than any current author. Beginning with her Thriller Award-winning debut, THE WEIGHT OF BLOOD, and now with SAFE AND SOUND, she has solidified that status. This story revolves around sisters Amelia and Kylee and their cousin Grace and the no-future town of Beaumont, Missouri. Six years earlier, Grace went missing, presumably abducted and likely murdered. The sisters, who want nothing more that to leave the dead-end town, first set out to uncover what happened to Grace, and find her, dead or alive. As the story shifts between Grace before the abduction and the sisters after, dark family secrets boil to the surface. Who took Grace? An itinerant stranger, or someone close to home? How far would the killer go to cover the crime? As the sisters peel back the layers, they find themselves in a dangerous spiral, unsure who to trust, and who to fear. This one you will not put down until the final page.

For Details and To Purchase All Her Books Visit Laura’s Website:

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