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New on Criminal Mischief: Episode #57: Humor in Crime Fiction

Humor in Crime Fiction



Crime fiction invariably deals with dark and serious matters. Dead bodies will do that. Though other crimes may enter the picture, even be the focus of the story, murder is by far the most common driving event. Its finality makes it the most heinous crime.

The villain is usually nasty and deadly and only rarely likable

The story a mano a mano joust between good and evil.

How can this be funny?

Humor in crime fiction deepens characters, breaks the constant tension so readers can catch their breath, and adds fun to the story. It can’t be simply adding a joke here and there but must be weaved into the fabric of the story. Be part of the character and the story, and not a distraction.

How to add humor to crime fiction:

1—Create Funny Characters

2—Comedy Is Situational

3—Add Funny/Quirky Side Characters

4—Use A Humorous Narrative Voice

5—Timing and Rhythm Are Everything

6—Don’t Forget Dark/Gallows Humor

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