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Review of Broken Bayou by Jennifer Moorhead

Dr. Willa Watters is a respected child psychologist whose career is soaring—-until she melts down on national TV. Her career unraveling and hoping to drop out of sight while things cool down, she heads to Broken Bayou, LA and the home of her two deceased aunts to retrieve several boxes of her mother’s long-abandoned belongings. Boxes that contain family mementos, and secrets. What follows is a tale of two very dysfunctional families, long buried secrets, and an old flame for whom Willa harbors dormant feelings. When barrels begin to surface in the bayou, each containing human remains, Willa is dragged into a multi-decade mystery, placing her in harms way. This story is filled with great characters, a fast-paced and intriguing plot, and a climax that will make you breathless. Highly recommended.

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