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CULTURED Review by Book Review Crew

When ex-pitcher, current bar-owner Jake Longly and his longtime companion Nicole, a successful screenwriter are coerced into helping Jake’s father and current PI, Ray Longly, with a case of a missing young lady, it’s destined to lead to big trouble. April Wilkerson was serving as a hostess at Lindemann Farms, home of upscale self-help/financial advice services from Jonathon, the supposed financial sage with the Lindemann method (TLM). When Jake and Nicole go undercover as potential investors, the place feels a bit hinky to them. Will Jake’s and buddy Pancake’s investigation locate April? Will they prove the operation is legit or something more shady?

The witty repartee between Jake and Nicole triggers notes of Nick and Nora Charles; with a sidekick like Pancake, there are always a few chuckles to follow. These three characters together are such a delight that I would love to read many more of their stories. Lyle’s tight plotting with scenes vividly painted makes this another fascinating page-turner. This can be read as a standalone, but then you’ll want to go back and read every last one of their previous adventures. I highly recommend this book, the author (DP Lyle), and this series.

Book Review Crew


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